Someone help!

Am just being confused---- which deity could make away or conceal Ritual materials???

Initially,I was prepared to evoke ANIQUEL,then after sometime before the evocation, I began to search for one of the items “SEA SALT” I always use for concretions where my materials were assembled for the operation, though,i saw it later.
Now that I want to summon URIEL, since the zeal came up, I have been finding that the same SEA SALT that I kept where all my Spiritual Items are kept and have not seen it till date.

It’s probably not a deity: When this happens to me it’s usually the Fae that moved it. It’ll show up somewhere where you already looked. Mischievous little spirits like to play like this. The folklore exists for a reason. :slight_smile:

When I do this I announce a request to the air, aimed at ‘the Fae’ in general, asking for help to find the thing. Butter them up and say it’s because you know they’re so good at knowing where things are. Don’t be accusatory or hostile.

Whether this is simply a magick spell to help you find it, or the Fae actually get involved, the item shows up within a ay or two after this. It always appears in a place I already looked, which is a tad crazy making, but then I thank them loudly for bringing it back to me anyway. With me it’s usually metal objects like keys, knives and scissors.

On the plus side, if the Fae are playing with you, it’s kind of a compliment: you’re a witch of the old fashioned, low magick, variety and should be able to work with Earth energies quite easily if you chose to. :slight_smile:

Hopefully this procedure will work out as well for me as it did to you

working with Earth energy can enhance my magic Skill???