Some Urgent Help

So I was looking for some help.
Im family life is really stressful, me and my brother do all the chores for the house besides taking care of our little sister, and my parents laundry, but everything else me and him do.
I spend 2-4 hours a day taking care of my dog.
Me and my brother are burnt out we are constantly told we are lazy and that we do not do enough and then my parents make threats about taking away our phones or the internet. They’ve also threatened to make us share a room again. My brother is 17 and a senior in highschool, and I am 21.

Im diagnosed Bi-polar my spiritual awakening happened my senior year of highschool, during that time I went through a break up of 4 years, my mom had cancer, and I was going to the hospital for my episodes, the past few years I’ve had consistent set back financially, spiritually, and emotionally.

I am deathly afraid of being homeless again, or having a really bad manic episode.

Ive registered with the department of rehabilitation, since bi-polar is considered a disability.
I really struggle to work, I currently have a part time job about 8 hours a week or $115. Its manageable for my mental health and I dont hate my job. But its not enough hours or enough money.

The DOR will pay for me to go back to school, but Im not a traditional school persona and I dont want to get the vaccine. But community colleges offer yoga certification programs, this is what I plan to do, it’ll pay better than minimum wage jobs and I will get paid for teaching people spirituality.

Then I can go into music and business once I have a decent amount of money and am moved out and all.
I’ve already began to do magick, I’ve done wealth magick twice now and am currently doing success magick by damon brand. Ive also worked with the angels of alchemy book and demons of magick. As well as 72 sigils of power and 111 sigils of transformation.
I did a ritual from 111 sigils for brigning peace to a home so I hope that works. Ive also done work with the 72 sigils for love, power, and various other problems, recently I have been doing A LOT of magick to help my reality. I feel powerless in the mundane, I am a serf to my household and a wage slave at work.
The only escape I really have is walking my dog and smoking weed, I listen to music and the weed really helps my anxiety, my tolerance is going up though and weed also costs money, but I really enjoy it as a medicine.
I also did a meta-link with Belial and Asmodeus.

Im currently taking a break from demonic magick and focusing on other magick.

If you have any angelic rituals or general rituals you reccommend that could help me Id love to try them out, I dont use wands, daggers, or herbs and spices, usually just a book and my mind. So please post magick that is simple and doesnt require tools or resources.

Life has been consistently tough ever since I turned 18, my 21st birthday is coming up and I feel so bbehind, I have about $1k to my name and 15k of cc debt. I just want to help the situation for my family and figure out a way to manage my mental health and spirituality so that I can get my yoga certification and get a better paying job and eventually move out.

It sounsd like you could use some help to do what you gotta do. Try chanting this daily:


I am so sorry to hear that! :frowning: I remember when I was more so your brother’s age and I was treated similarly to you guys by my mother. She stole a lot of money from me too to boot, amogst other things. Way better now.

Have you tried to look into online classes and certs? There is a lot out there in terms of that these days. Anything I have lacked educationally due to circumstances out of my control are all done online for me; I am just too busy in property management to be bothered to go to a physical location.

I can understand that feeling; I’ve been there too. My PM’s/texts are always open if you need to vent.

I am told that I give great advice :slight_smile:


I did for a coding bootcamp but the DOR isn’t going to pay for private sector training, it has to be a public institution.

I plan to do the yoga certification I just hope they let me work unvaccinated.

I’ll take you up on that!

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Damn brother, sorry to hear that. Been reading your posts for a while as a lurker here. You’re only 21? Shit, you got one hell of a life ahead of you. Don’t downplay yourself like that. It’s a bump, no biggie

Your magic is only as good as your mind and it sounds to me like you need to focus more on the gun than the bullets. The following is from Chapter 25 from Draja Mickaharic’s “A Magical Pie”. Not sure about the forum rules, so I’ll refrain from linking the pdf

"The following is a sure fire way to solve problems of any kind. This method has worked for hundreds of people, some of whom have paid a couple of hundred dollars to learn this system. It has worked for me, and I am sure it will work equally well for you, even though you are learning the problem solving secret for nothing. FIRST – You have to understand that there are only three kinds of problems that a person can have in their life. Once you can understand and accept that, you have to decide which of these three kinds of problem you are really faced with. Take a moment and think it out calmly, as being emotional about it at this point will not solve the problem for you. Is your problem?

A Money Problem?
A Health Problem?
A Relationship Problem?

It’s always one of these three, or a combination of two of them. So, decide which one it is. If it’s a combination, work on the one that is higher on the list above. To solve your problem, permanently and effectively:
1.) - Write out exactly what your most pressing and serious problem is. Identify which of the three kinds of problems it is, or whether it might be a combination of two of them. Then write out the problem, in detail.
2.) Write one word to describe exactly how you feel when you are thinking about that problem. Now it is time to bring your emotions into play and write out the word that describes how thinking about the problem makes you feel. It can be any word, but it will usually describe an emotion, such as miserable, anxious, hopeless, or fearful.
3.) – Now thinking about the problem again, write out one word describing how you would feel if you no longer had that problem. Again, use your emotions to describe how you would feel if the problem no longer existed. You will be choosing words that describe emotions, words like happy, satisfied, and free.
4.) – Next, turn away from the paper and take a deep breath. Pause and put all of this out of your mind. Now you know there are always ways to conquer this, and any other problem that comes into your life.
5.) – Now turn back to the paper and make yourself feel the emotion you have written out as the answer to question three. Use your will power and force yourself to feel that emotion. Now you must carry that emotion with you for the rest of the day, knowing that as you do so, the solution to the problem you have written out will present itself to you.
The same principles that make for a successful life make for a successful business. You can solve any problem you may encounter in the course of your life with this method. Try it. It may be difficult at first, but it works."

I have my own thoughts on your situation and my own axe to grind with modern psychiatry, but I hope the above mentioned chapter can shed some light on your situation


dm me for help