Some questions on… Moods, moon phases & magick

Are moods linked to the phases of the moon and if so does the phase affect your motivation to perform magick? Examples: are you happier, more motivated or less motivated and less satisfied during a certain moon phase and less so during others on a regular basis?

Does your mood affect the outcome of your nagick and if it does, in what way does it affect it?

Have you had experiences with your magick being affected by the moons phase (or planetary placements) or your moods either positively or negatively? Example:

I’ve heard you should do growth magick during the moons waxing phase and magick about breaking stuff quitting stuff or separating from stuff in the waning moon.

If you did it in the reverse (accidentally or even urposely) would it affect the outcome or even make the magick fail because it was done in the wrong moon phase or wrong planet alignments?

Or will the magick work anyways regardless of moon/pkanet postions/phases and your mood if you do it right and put the right intent effort into it?


For women, our hormone cycle is on average the same length as the lunar cycle, and it has a huge effect on our emotions and energy levels. We’re not always in sync with the moon though, and the hormones would have the greater effect.

Men have a daily hormone cycle, with testosterone the highest in the morning (that’s a reason for morning wood) that’s the ideal time to work out and focus on yang stuff like growth, and at night before bed, yin things are more in tune… so a yin moon eclipse done at night for a guy is perfect, and if you do your waxing moon stuff in the morning you’d get max bang for your buck, energetically speaking.

I have never had an issue with moon phase or planets causing magick to fail, and I ignore them, unless I specifically want to pull in their energy to the ritual, otherwise they’re not not relevant to me.

Everybody’s energy is different, and I found this out by observation and reading back through my journal notes, which are always dated. Other people find, also by observation, that they have problems when there’s an “unfavorable” planetary alignment… but I don’t so I don’t know what unfavorable looks like exactly.:slight_smile:

So I think it’s best to try things out and find out how you personally vibe with these energies, you’re not going to know based on what happens to work or not work for other people.


There are various celestial cycles that influence moods. The most efficacious or apparent of these are the Planetary Hours within each day. People tend to be more angry during the Hour of Mars, and that is often when arguments break out, for example. The Moon, with the phase she is in, the Sign she is in, the Mansion of the Moon within she resides, and the Aspects she makes also influence mood. As does the Ascendant and the Lord of the Ascendant at any given time.

As for mood affecting magick, I can’t say my mood has affected the outcome of my magick too much, as far as I can tell. But I try to perform magick in a joyous state of mind, and otherwise in a calm state of mind. I used to perform a lot of magick with the GoM’s works, where emotion is important, but emotion is a way for your Soul to move your Spirit and join with the spirits or other forces you are calling upon.

On the astrological effects, check out my posts here:

The success and failure of all actions can be seen through the state of the heavens at any given time. This is the foundation for traditional electional astrology. However, a singular factor like the Moon being in an innapropriate phase or the planet ruling over the thing desired being retrograde or in detriment, fall etc. Is not enough to cause the magick (or any mundane action) to fail on its own. Reality is more complex than that, and the heavens reflect this. So, a very important factor is also the appropriate Houses of Heaven, their position and their Lords. And they change signs every 1-2 hours, and are dependant on where you are in the world, just like the Planetary Hours.

Now, will the magick work regardless so long as you do it right, in the right state of mind? From observation, no, not likely at all. However, it will be rare to perform magick under extremely unfortunate times, but common to perform it under rather weak times, and often this weakness can be enough to cause it to fail. My advice to you would be to not worry about this too much, because to learn these things takes a great deal of knowledge and learning. However, there are various electional rules for magick given in the first book of the Lamegeton that uses the Planetary Days and Hours, as well as using the Moon, that can be helpful. More complex electional rules can be gathered from the Second Book of Agrippa’s Three Books of Occult Philosophy.
Otherwise, use your intuition on when it is a good time to perform magick.

And keep in mind, this art of astrology is spiritual, not a material science:

This is the art of observing those patterns descending from the very Soul and Spirit of the World, which all individuals are subject to.


@Mulberry answered much more eloquently than I: but for women, hormonally, yes – in general, especially (in my own experience) when not artificially regulating your hormonal cycle.

May seem counter-intuitive, or contrary to the above, but no. I have had incredible success (within hours) despite being plagued by suicidal ideation, defeatism, and acute depression. I managed to keep my conscious mind on its goal, and reject any negative outcomes, which seemed to be the key.

I only use such props or tools as suit me personally, so yes and no. I can’t say I’ve ever done a thorough deep-dive into which rituals failed, succeeded, or succeeded under unusual circumstances. But when it suits me, I do use my own hormonal rhythms (not the moon cycle, but my body’s natural cycles, although the two now align) to empower a ritual. If it doesn’t serve me, it has no purpose and is irrelevant, so, for instance, I won’t avoid performing a ritual just because a certain planet is in retrograde, or what have you.


I tend to be very calm during full moons and more active on new moons. Not sure why that is,just something both myself and my dad noticed. The inbetween phases bring a form of “moving tension”, kinda like who waves push and pull against an object on a beach.

So for me, based on past experimenta, if I were to base my rituals based solely on moon phase, rituals for release would be ideal for me on a Full moon, where as growth magic would be better for a New Moon.

But I have also tried the opposite. I was still able to manifest my desired results, I just had to work a bit harder to get myself in the mood. You can still be successful with magic regardless of moon phase/planetary influence in my opinion, you just won’t tap into that extra source of power. But I think that undersranding how you personally are effected, if at all, by the celestial bodies through experimenting is very important if you are going that route.


I’ve often noticed things being out of kilter when a full moon is due to turn up.

Either in myself or in others around me, people I know and complete strangers. Around the time of a full moon things just don’t go quite the same as usual.

Simple things usually, like when walking down the street, the person I’m following right in front of me suddenly stops to let someone else pass and of course I have to stop or skip to the side to avoid bumping into them. People seem to get in my way much more often when there’s a full moon. Other times when the moon is out of the way and normal, there seems more of an easy flow and I can mindlessly walk and weave again.

It’s quite strange how this seems to occur. Maybe not always on every full moon but when I do notice, it’s typical, a full moon equals stuff out of kilter and people in the way. Also I notice more people being angry or sexually frustrated at these times and things just going a bit wrong.

Like when you can usually rely on split second timing but then “oops” and clumsiness.

Unless it’s nothing to do with the moon itself and maybe it’s my own magnetic imbalance pushing and pulling the moon and all the planets and the whole matrix out of kilter like some super weird self sabotage lol :joy:

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I’ve noticed that I have a horrible time during the waxing phases of the moon, because I am working through internal problems, and they are magnified during the Waxing Moon. Full Moons make me feel slightly sick.

During the waning phase it is the opposite. New Moons are a day of rest and relief, as it pulls and removes the troubles and burdens.

Blessed New Moons to all, and vibrant Full Moons.

Now, the Sun is very interesting. Post-Solstice, I feel a rapidly draining spirituality and magickal interest.