Some questions about Lucifer

1. Can Lucifer introduce best demon for your purpose? does he know the powers of all demons?

2. Do you know any specific way to communicate with Lucifer? or developing astral senses is required for communicating with Lucifer as well?

1: Yes, he can make introductions. No, he does not know the powers of all demons. There are far more demons that don’t have any connection to Lucifer, than there are that follow him. Remember, he’s the Big Cheese only in one small, narrow religious, interpretation. He is not the be all and end all of demons.

2: This forum is full of information on how to communicate with spirits, and communicating with Lucifer is no different than any other. Please use the search function. You have already been given all the information you need in your multiple other threads, so instead of asking the same question and expecting a different answer, why not follow the instructions and advice you were already given?

  1. Yes, Lucifer has given me recommendations before.
  2. I agree 1000000% with @DarkestKnight . If you’re serious, you’re going to either have to take some advice or make up a system that works for you.

What type of relationship do you want to form with him?

What are your intentions?


Lifetime or short term relationship?

Business, casual or romantic?

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I want him to answer my questions about magick and give me advice, and from a normal friendship.


Actually i want to get his help about magick stuff anytime i needed.

I’m gonna be really straight-up with you right now. I’ve seen quite a few of your posts. I really think you should take a break from evocations before you start driving yourself crazy. You’ve written about feeling attacked, feeling like your rituals failed, feeling like you can’t communicate. For both Lucifer and Marbas you’ve called them and then immediately come here to say that the rituals didn’t work.

I think you need to take a break before it becomes a habit to do ritual, decide it doesn’t work, and then do it again. I’m suggesting you stick to meditations/ mantras/ non-goal-oriented magick for the next month or so.

You have some great ritual practices from what I’ve read but you’re missing the trust & faith factor. You have to trust, you are powerful. These spirits are powerful. You do ritual and then trust in your power. It’s hard in the beginning and I don’t know anyone who will tell you otherwise, but you have to work on getting better if that’s what you want. I see you being at risk of becoming locked into the mindset that magick doesn’t work. So I advise you take a break, learn some new stuff!, and then try those rituals again and watch them work.

You’re going to miss out on some amazing relationships with spirits, like Lucifer, if you can’t trust them. And I’m willing to bet quite a lot that Lucifer probably will remain equally interested in you if you don’t evoke him for a little while and instead work on meditating and trusting that (your) magick can and will work. Evocation is one of the best ways to learn the power of magick, but don’t risk your whole relationship to magick because your anxious to talk to Lucifer, he’ll wait. It’s great you come here for help, but remember to give magick time and space to flourish too.


I think maybe making a normal friendship with another practitioner, one more advanced than you are, would probably suit you better at this point. Sure, most people are either hating on the endless newbie questions, or they don’t know that much themselves, but I think there is a friendship thread somewhere on this forum.


Is this what you’re talking about?

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