Some one put a curse on me , i need help

i believe that some one (or more than one person ) put a strong curse/ curses on me , i suffer from very bad luck and keep on losing money without any explanation & keep losing ppl i love , i feel some sort of very bad energy is around me …
does anyone know a way to set myself free from these curses before i get completely destroyed ??

You could check out this thread in which I gave some tips, to a fellow member that posted a similar question yesterday.

Also you could use the search function for the following topics: Cleansing, Banishing rite, protection, shielding, warding.

Good Luck :+1:

In addition you could use these angelic banishing incantations:


I hope this helps. I have personally used these.

I recommend listening to the second audio first as it’s free on YouTube. Though it will actually send the energy back to sender. The first audio cost a little but will do a deeper cleanse on your energy system and is more powerful though I don’t think it will send the energy back to the sender or anything. I believe it just clears it.


My first step is always to try and convince myself the curse doesn’t exist. sometimes life goes wrong and some of us (myself incuded) tend to automatically think “I’ve been cursed” this thought can manifest said curse where it didn’t exist before. So try your best to convince yourself you aren’t cursed. If that doesn’t work try a cord cutting and an egg cleanse. Honestly curses rarely come from other people in my experience but of course it’s still possible.


Stinging Nettle Hex-breaker Spell (1)
The princess in the Grimm fairy tale The Twelve Swans is almost burned as a witch while crafting nettle shirts to break a curse laid on her brothers. It’s largely the nettles that condemn her; in Christian Europe, stinging nettles developed powerful associations with witchcraft. Despite the obvious care
needed to gather them (wear gloves!), nettles are very beneficial they are extremely nutritious and can also be used to create a sort of fabric, as in the story.
If you’re willing and able to spin and weave nettles, an effective quick-fix hex-breaker spell exists.

  1. Carve a figure candle to represent the afflicted party, whether yourself or another.
  2. Spin and weave a nettle shirt large enough for the candle.
  3. Literally dress the candle with the shirt and burn everything under the light of the Full Moon

Stinging Nettle Hex-breaker Spell (2)
An easier way to use the hex-breaking power of nettles: grind and powder them (carefully). Blend the resulting powder with graveyard dirt and burn
some of this blend, wafting the smoke where desired; carry the rest in a conjure bag.

Stinging Nettle Hex-breaker Spell (3)
This spell removes a hex but also returns it. It’s not necessary to know who, if anyone, cast a spell against you: if someone has, the spell will find him or her.

  1. Stuff a red cloth doll with stinging nettles. (Wear gardening gloves.)
  2. Write “Return to Sender” on a slip of brown paper.
  3. Pin it to the doll.
  4. Dispose of the doll outside your home, returning via a circuitous route.
  5. Immediately take cleansing, protective actions.