L feel there's a huge curse on me I just don't feel right

Can anyone give any advice please in what should I do I feel I’m fucked spiritual and energetically

There’s a few hex break ideas in this thread

But before that do a divination to see if it is a curse and who could have done it, if it’s not a curse then a hex break might not have a great effect. Or it might. If it’s a parasitic or ghost attachment or environmental a hex break will do nothing.

What have you tried so far? Any banishing or setting up wards?


What do you think is the most accurate form of divination for this? Thanks :slight_smile:

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The one you want to use. Follow your intuition and do what you feel comfortable with and ideally with which have a track record of accuracy.

For me, I’d use the Quareia deck that has become my go-to deck since I got into it earlier this year, superseding 30 years working with my old Tarot deck. But I can’t expect everybody to do what I’d do. If you prefer muscle testing, or pendulums, or runes, that’s all good too.