Some Help Please

Hi all

Am so very new, not sure if I’m even posting this in the right place, but nevertheless…

I have a query (which I don’t want to post publicly) and I noticed that as a newbie I’m not allowed to PM a moderator (haven’t tried anyone else).

What do i do as I’m not yet completely comfortable to be out there, yet.

I’d appreciate help from anyone, especially if they’re a regular to this site and can handle a newbie query without getting too annoyed.

Would truly appreciate the help.


You should offer at least a little bit of information so the person with knowledge can help you :slight_smile:


Give some basic information regarding what it is about

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In relation to any of This?

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Yeah anyone who’s knew should check the rules first

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Well… I guess I can try. Unless you would rather someone who had a more devout upbringing before this path.

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@Mapachtli if you could PM me, I’d appreciate it

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I could also try

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Used to be a Christian and I went to Catholic schools so I can try to help.


Thank you all so much, your help is greatly appreciated.

I’m still Catholic


I’m confused part Catholic.

I feel shadowed. Nothing I’ve experienced before. I don’t know if its safe to say, a presence.

I would just like to know what’s happening with me, spiritually


Which entity announces himself with the sound of chirping crickets? I hear this sound during my meditation and prayer.

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I’m new to this forum, and new to magic. I really need some help.

this might be the sound of awakening of root chakra. for more details

Thanks a lot. The link is very instructive.