Some help needed + intro

hello guys… im new to a craft… ive been studied a craft of invocation, spell casting, and some other type of dark magic in thoery… im fond to start it in practicle…but im from a christian family under the guidance of parents… they didnt allow me to participate in any kind of craft. but im not really a type of christian😂.
i think ive been called by the dark spirits to follow the cult… but i dont really know how to start or where to begin my practice…
i really want to contact a demon entities and ive been learning in theory from the last 3years…
i want a friend or even a mentor to teach me how to perform a ritual and tell me what is needed for those rituals… if anyone can help me please feel free to tell me…
so i can become a greatest demonic magician of all time.

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Try this;


thank you… i really dont know how to start… every night around 1-3 a.m i use to feel the appearence of dark energy on my room that calls me/watch me over and sometimes it appears like a shadow outside my window staring at my eyes… when i wake up and looked outside the shadow starts to fade away as if it want me to follow it… but im afraid of going outside… what should i do??

Welcome to the forum.

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thank you