Some basic vampire magic

I am by no means an expert on the subject of vampirism,feeding techniques,combat magic,killing spirits,or psionics.This little disclaimer is important.Nevertheless,I have to share some offensive and vampiric magics,for the sake of fun,shall we say.

These are basic and beginner things that can be done in the astral,do not expect to be wowed.

I am putting this,and linking My Pack to it,so that my pack can read this,while people who aren’t limited to it may also benefit from it.So,without further ado,we may begin.

Feeding is primal.As such it may involve more than just sitting in a chair while your astral form does all the fighting.You may end up doing something physical.Standing up,clawing at the thing.If not,no problem.If you do,however,do not hold back on any action.

Do what feels natural,and primal.If it makes you look like kid LARPing,then trust me you are on the right track.So do not hold back on anything.Go with what feels natural what is going naturally.

Most of these methods involve opening a person up,or getting past any natural defenses and then eating them.This means they are all of offensive nature,simple,and to be done once you’ve caught your prey and you’re ready to drain them.

Also remember to chew.Physically,and astrally as well.

The Shrike
Once you have found your prey,and sensed out their energy(in smell,taste,feeling,etc.) unite your fingers to the rest of your hands,and watch the entirety of your hand turn into one long obsidian spike.

From the rest of your body,see black tendrils erupt.Two on your shoulders,Two from your hips,two from your waist.Each of them have tiny mouths on them,with brilliant teeth.Finally,make sure your jaw can open wide,and your mouth is huge.

The rest of this new form,which can be called the Shrike,comes naturally.Mine is very much a hooded figure,in a robe,looking very shy and reserved,but when feeding turning into a brilliant monstrosity.

Pin your prey down to the ground with your tendrils.Drill through them with your drill-spike-hands.Continue to drill,until you can faintly see the golden orb that lies at their heart.

Then with your hands,push them apart as though you were opening the astral body,and with your jaw bite the orb that lies at the heart of the creature.Bite it out if you will,eat it in one gulp,or bit by bit.Again and again,until you’ve taken everything from them.Then wrap the astral body back up,or eat it.


Upon encountering your victim,or your foe,look at them,spread your right arm out,and envision the air around them growing cold.Then,see it gather around them,a thick layer of frost forming over them.

This frost,however,is black,so any energy coming towards them is absorbed directly into the layer of blackfrost.Any energy they send out,is kept within it.See it thicken,and become far more solid.

What was once small sheets of frost,is now the victim fully encased in ice.

This ice,however,does not have the ordinary properties of ice,for it burns them.And as it does,it consumes their all of their protection,all of their shells.Devoured,absorbed.

The ice sinks into their subtle bodies,imprisoning them,one by one entering them,until it is a part of them.Each chakra is tainted,each piece of energy falls out.

In one swift command,tell the blackfrost to break.As it does,it has taken all of the victim’s energy.Go to the victim.They have now been disarmoured,rendered defenseless,and weak.They are open food,you may do the same as before,just eat the orb that lies in the heart.Don’t forget to absorb the blackfrost back into yourself too,to take in any defense that they had.

Fiery Whips

When in the astral,look at your hands.See them as black,first,and then consumed in fire that is in the same color.Then,the fire spreads and becomes longer,and longer,until it grows into black tendrils that burn.The tendrils are at least as long as your arms,and hang over them.

Go to your victim,and swing it over them,whipping them,and lashing out over and over and over again,ripping apart any defenses that they may have.Attack them,and take away any protection they may have had.

You may even choose to wrap them with the tendrils,and crushing them.

Go to them,and consume what is there normally.

The Claw

This is something I believe was first mentioned on here by Sevarn,but that is nonetheless always useful.Over any of your hands,visualize a sort of claw.

In mine and Sevarn’s case,this was a draconic claw,but I read somewhere else that others worked with a canine one,or feline.It really doesn’t matter,just as long as it is a predatory creature.

Visualize the victim as being in a thick bubble,and claw away at their astral body,leaving distinct holes.The energy you gather in your hand,focus it into a ball,and crush it,pulling it into yourself.

Repeat as needed,reach the heart orb,same process.

Vampiric Phagocytosis

This is very similar to the blackfrost technique.Shapeshift your form into a big blob,as though made of gelatin.Go to your victim,feel them,smell them.Approach them,and tower above them.

Release several tendrils,inspecting them,seeing what they’re made of.Make sure your little silver receptors gather as much information as possible.If you bite something that you could not chew,then don’t eat it.

Otherwise,see where its weaknesses lie,how it may be easily brought down.Then simply wrap it and absorb it into you,the receptors attacked now as tendrils that drain the victim of its lifeforce.

From the inside of your cytoplasm,or whatever,the blobby part,see whatever servitors you may have made beforehand,taking the creature apart.

Merge your tendrils with their shell,and take it apart,absorbing all that is there.With each breath pull more and more of this into you,as your servitors help the process.

Hunting dogs

It is important,in my opinion,to have servitors helping you when feeding.In writing this post,I’ve assumed that you have one method,if not several,of creating servitors to help you in this,and as such I will not get into this.

There are several ways and shapes you could develop them into,and I’m sure that we’re all creative enough to determine how we want them to look.Still,some useful things that one may want to add.

My ‘‘hunting dogs’’ despite the fact that they do not look like dogs have orbs on their back,lined.These orbs are like tanks,that fill when they feed.Once they’ve filled up all their tanks,or died,they release the orbs and send them to me,wherein I either crush them or add them to my reservoire(more on that later)

These servitors can either be connected to leylines(a la omnimancy),me,or feed for themselves.

If they feed for themselves,then they take a piece of what they eat,while the rest goes into the tanks.Or they could always have their own little tank to fill.Remember the contents are already yours.

If they feed from you,then remember that they should be powerful and short term usage.Nothing against this method of having servitors,just don’t think that it’s the most useful for a vampire,a hoarder of energy.

This is why I believe the leylines approach is the best.There is information on that in the Public Consumption section of Omnimancy.

Your servitors should also be able to run fast,and could be given wings if you really want to focus on this mobility aspect since wings are associated with fast movement.In fact,even just putting little wings on their legs like Hermes will help them be faster.

Make sure to emphasize that their senses are superb.This can be done by giving them big ears,or eyes,or something like that.

Vampiric Sentinels

These are any vampiric entities that you are keeping around your home,astral temple,or other base,that may come in handy for more defensive purposes rather than assisting you when feeding like hunting dogs.

I’ve put four of mine in the four top corners of my room,and they are in the shape of bats.Gargoyles are also good ideas,to create.Make sure that they are there to stand motionless and barely even alive,until something threatening walks in,in which case they would come to life.

Upon devouring,they would run to deliver this energy to you.Also why these creatures should often have wings.


By scouts I speak of any type of servitor you create that is there to give you information.So these can be worms(bookworms),little birds,bats,whatever that doesn’t aim at giving you food,but actually finding adequate prey.

This includes gathering information on whether something or someone wants to kill you(and if you kill a spirit who’s of a greater rank than an ordinary wandering spirit,you risk making some enemies.In fact even wandering spirits are a risk),finding something for you to feed on,or finding the weakness in resilient foes,or any other information that is of use.

Once again,wings to make them speedy deliverers,eyes to make them absorb information.In fact,floating eyeballs make or some of the best.


Push your energy outwards,and isolate it into a swarm of insects on the astral.Send that swarm to attack,and bring back anything.Chances are it won’t do much,but it does serve as a good distraction,and it also helps break the shields in question.

It is additionally useful to send the whole group of your servitors out,and attack something.

Energy pools

Sometimes you may not be able to handle the amount of energy you take,or it may be wise to keep some in reservoires just in case you feel weak in real life,and you need somewhere to pull from.

If you are connecting these to yourself,then visualize them as cylinders in your astral temple,or even around your body,filling with the energy as you pull it into yourself and fill the tanks.

If you are connecting these to your servitors,then the answer is much easier,connect the servitors directly to the tanks,and watch them pull into it.

Make sure to have a connection with your tank,preferably by linking it to your Ze’al chakra.Though it is important to be able to disconnect,because then you may risk some things due to your connection.

Of course,instead of organized tanks,these can be literal pools.

If feeding with several others,having a shared pool is quite useful.To do this,draw a symbol on each of your bodies(like an inverted pentagram) and connect to each other,and connect that to the reservoire,which is done by visualizing a common tank with the symbol on you written on the tank.The energy then is everyone’s to use,as everyone is connected by the Ze’al chakra.


Portals can be used for hunting,too,especially when hunting spirits that are fast and want to escape you.Thus,sending them down one,or forming a trap revolving one can be useful,as well as being able to sue them to appear next to or around anyone.And they are also very easy.

To do this,draw a circle in the air.Look through this imaginary circle,and see it as black.Then step through it,if you are the one getting to something,or see that something stepping into it,and coming to you if you are using it to pursue them.

If you wish to step through the portal,then draw it clockwise.If you want something to step through it,draw it counterclockwise.Also make sure that it spins,if you want to pull something in.Because then there is a property to it pulling that creature in.

Next you may open a fiery portal on one end,and if you are holding your victim,saturate it into the fires,to burn away any protections and absorb it.Or you may connect it to your tanks,and simply push into them.

The Landscape

Finally,the main thing most people hunting forget is that the astral is so malleable that they have control over the landscape.This simple realization means that in most cases,you can make things appear where there were previously none,and strategically organize the landscape,so as to corner the victim,or lead them into traps.

This isn’t to say they can’t do the same,and most powerful foes will do this.Just remember that it is within your power to change anything that bothers you in the landscape,and make your hunt easier,or adapt yourself to any terrain.

In any case,this was a collection of basic methods and tips that I hope you all enjoyed or learned something from.I’m sure you have other ideas,and you are free to post them.

Thank you for listening,and happy hunting.

P.S.I can finally bold things.


named thread “basic” vamp techs, posts a lesser compendium. o.O lol

Do these alternate forms your kind assume have the ability to instantly shift various places of their body into different states of matter?

The terms are hard to gather, but it’s like this, imagine you have eyes inside of you. Imagine your very willpower manifesting into darting shadow form moving so quickly, the mind can not visualize nor apprehend the going forth. Sense your inner eye’s widen. See only faint rushing here and there of an entire army. Rather than relying of visual based confirmation, feel the summated rush of the shadow raiders as they pounce upon the target. As the escalation heightens, imagine your inner eye’s widening as the energy being drawn forth nearly causes you to burst into a state of maddening ecstasy. Howling, wailing, and screaming, roar upon the severed head of your enemy in their face as the last remnants of their soul and spirit fade into the devouring maws of your pack. Then consume their corpses in black fire and sprinkle the ash on the impaled head of your dead enemy. I’m not bold enough to say over the internet what sprinkling the ash does but it’s what mystically initiates the true feeding! >:D

Side effects are a type of slight tremor in the physical body and sensations of a type of dark laughter.

I should also add that any being which allows you to grasp and handle them so easily is probably just something imagined in your head. Attempting these techniques on actual living beings can alter and even risk your very life.

Seeing as how this thread isn’t just about vamping at ll but seems to be purely about violent combat to the soul death here’s my personal fav way to mess with my enemy which is usually even better than killing them. I just take this sticky like stuff that’s black and part of my essence and harmonically attune it like a liquid ball magnet that’s both infectious, acidic, like jellyfish tentacle skin, and sticky. It’s like trying to flick a booger off your figure on hell mode.