Solar & Saturnian Exorcism, Purification & Banishing

New Ritual For You All

Here I have a simple and yet very potent ritual to banish, purify and exorcise from your life anything, any issue, negativity or anyone. I’ve personally been able to use this ritual to rid myself of gossip, plots and enemies, negative energies, toxic people, situations, derail illness and other very difficult situations including spirit infestation of imposters and parasites.

The Solar & Saturnian Combination

This will utilise the planetary power and essence of both the sun and saturn, this combination is insanely potent energetically speaking although the ritual is simple, I highly suggest taking up this working. Be prepared as the union of these energies can be quite unpredictable when dealing with the energies, but the result will alway be the same.

The Hybrid Sigil

The main part of this is the hybrid sigil of saturnian and solar power. What you’ll need for this is the following.

  1. Piece Of Paper
  2. Pencil
  3. Black Pen
  4. Yellow Pen
  5. Ruler
  6. Eraser

Begin by using only the pencil we must create a large planetary square of the sun, the square is down below.

Once down simply write out your statement of intent, in regards to what you want the solar powers to do. Remember the sun rules over purification and exorcism, ergo we will tailor the statement of intent to that, but personalise it to your own situation for example.

“All negativity, toxicity and impurities, mundane and spiritual will be purified and exorcised from my life and myself”

Once that’s written take out all the vowels, remove the repeating consonants, once you’re left with the remaining letters convert these letters to their corresponding numerical value I use the table below.


Once done take your yellow pen and ruler, start at the first number and draw a straight line directly to the next number you’ve been left with. Keep doing this until you’ve traced your sigil completely, return to the first number you started with and draw a small circle, signifying that as the starting point and a sidewards line at the last number signifying the end of the sigil. Once done simply take your eraser and erase the square entirely.

Next with a pencil and ruler create a planetary square of Saturn, the square should be the exact same size, the planetary square is down below.

Once done simply take your black pen write out a statement on another piece of paper, this statement of intention is for Saturn. Remember Saturn rules over banishing and binding, so you can tailor the statement to that such as.

“All enemies I bind from working against me, all attacks, sorcery and spirits against me are banished. All toxicity, impurities, negativity are banished too”.

This of course is just a rough example, you should write it as personal or specific to your exact situation, repeat the following formula remove all vowels and repeating consonants. Once done convert the letters to their numerical value, the yellow sigil of course will be in the centre of each square.

Now with your black pen and ruler trace the sigil, number to number in the linear sequence of the random numbers you have left, once the black sigil overlaps with the yellow and it is complete, signify the start of the Saturnian sigil by drawing on the square you started from with a circle and the last square a sidewards line. Now erase the magick square entirely and you should be left with two sigils combined and overlapped.

This is your hybrid sigil, black the sacred colour of Saturn and yellow the sacred colour of the sun. Next simply cut the sigil out and you have created the sigil ready to use.

Next Preparation

Now on a Sunday, the day of the sun upon the hour of Saturn, we will begin our ritual but before we do. Let us do the following, you’re going to need the following items. This should also be done on a waxing moon that’s if you are going to take a lunar alignment into consideration.

  1. Large Yellow Candle
  2. Large Black Candle
  3. Incense Associated To The Sun
  4. Incense Associated To Saturn
  5. The Hybrid Sigil
  6. Cigar Offering (Saturn)
  7. Cider (Sun)
  8. Ethanol/Isopropyl Alcohol
  9. Heat Proof Bowl

The Ritual

Begin simply be invoking the presence of the sun into your space, now everyone does this differently and there are many different methods. Of course the unicursal planetary invocation method for example, however I choose to take an athame with me. Tracing into the air the following symbol below in a fiery solar light.


Stabbing the centre of it and vibrating the following below.

“SOL” X6

Each time I vibrate it, i visualise the symbol glowing intensely increasing in terms of luminance. Once done a simply statement like.

“Great solar illumination, enter my space and fill me and this sphere with the light of the sun, I invoke your presence and power here and now, praise onto the saviour”

As this statement is spoken simply sit a moment and bask in the solar power and light, once done simply ignite the yellow candle stating.

“I light this yellow candle as an offering to the sun”

Next simply light the black candle for we are currently in its sacred hour and wielding its action and essence with the power of the sun ergo it should be given reverence too.

“I light this black candle as an offering to Saturn”

Leave out the following offerings stating aloud in your own words that each is an offering, cider for the sun and a lit cigar to Saturn, whilst simultaneously igniting the incenses upon your altar.

Gazing into your hybrid sigil, envision the lines of the yellow ink igniting in the flames of the sun and the black lines igniting in darkened fire, shimmering with an indigo/purple hue and vibrate the following mantras.


As you vibrate the following above, the sigil coming to life, envision all the people, enemies, negative situations, habits, imposters, parasites, negative/impure energies, forces, entities and magick done against you. All that you seek to be gone, visualise your life without them, don’t visualise the things rather visualise your life without them. Allow the emotions you’d feel if that reality comes to fruition, allow those emotions to swell up inside you and emanate into the sigil as you begin to scry into it, opening it and charging it.

Once your satisfied with the charging of the sigil simply hold the sigil with both hands and state,

“Creature of magick, be you the sigil of the suns power and the essence of Saturn, be you the linear codification of my intent, I seal this charging upon you, I seal the power to perform your function within you now”.

Ignite the bowl of alcohol before you,
If you wish you can add a blood offering although this is very unnecessary at this point. Burn the sigil in the bowl, gazing at the flame envision Saturn and the sun, colliding with each-other this potent and immense energetic implosion and explosion ignites a blast and shockwave of Saturnian and Solar energies combined, sense that shockwave emit from the flames throughout your space and self.

Feel the wave banishes and exorcising from your ritual space, yourself, your home and reverberating throughout the entirety of your life and simply state the following.

“So it is done”.


This ritual can banish, purify and exorcise, pretty much the entirety of things that are problematic to you. Affecting not only your space, your energetic anatomy but any plots, gossip, enemies, magick against you, imposters, parasites, spiritual infestations, other toxic people or negative scenarios and unpleasant energies. Of course depending on how you tailor the hybrid sigil, depends upon any other things that it’ll effect too.



Thank you for sharing this. It’s something I definitely need to do. I just need to buy some of the supplies listed here. There I will being doing this.

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