Social Media makes you Depressed

Social media can be terrible for your health. It makes you feel connected (when you’re not), and it can contribute to depression and unfavorable comparisons.
Let me explain how it affects us

:black_medium_small_square: For instance, imagine you’re on Facebook. You’re idly perusing your feed, and suddenly, you begin to see images and vifeos of your friend’s vacation .Your friend looks incredibly happy in every picture, and her family life appears perfect and everything is perfect in their timeline
You begin to consider your “meager” salary and “miniscule” amount of vacation time. As a result, you begin to feel jealous and inadequate, and your self-esteem drops. Afterall we are human beings and yes we feel jealousy
But what you see istn’t really true you have been tricked by social media
What you’ve seen are glamour shots—the very best parts of your friend’s life, carefully arranged :joy:
Don’t use social media to compare your life to the lives of others—it doesn’t work. People put their best on display, not their normal lives, and so you’ll only find unneeded anxiety and stress in online comparisons.

:black_medium_small_square: Distraction


All im trying to explain is if you are already a depressed person using platforms like facebook🚫 will only make it worse because its all a pretend world by people to make their lives great, i have been through this phase and i got rid off every account and im happy to say im only in this Forum
:warning: Use at your own risk and for your benefits only


Just like the way porn movies depict sex and romantic movies depict romance.


Yes, it’s terrible, but it’s an unfortunate necessary evil.

Truth be told, I’ve fantasized about a spiritual alternative, using astral travel to meet people in some sort of astral play ground, like some pocket dimension that exists purely as a social forum.


i feel the same, am i weak?


No but Czar Nicolas looks pretty cool.


Social media depresses me for different reasons. It reminds me of how many stupid people there are. I have too much pride to have an issue with envy.


indeed, i admire him and his beard lol, such an epic beard ever


I have no issue with envy, but I feel depressed if it doesn’t match my expectations, for example a rejection.


Just the other day I looked at my Twitter account, seeing that once again my many opinions didn’t get any reaction at all, and on Instagram a cute girl (oh well… yeah, I happen to take a few glances here and there) was pregnant. Really can make it worse.

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This is eye-opening stuff. Very good advice.


For the first time in my life I’ve been meeting local people who I have things in common with and meeting them in real life. This is pretty cool, although I think Lilith helped.

I think growing up as a teenager seems more lonely today than when I was growing up. Everyone seems to stick to their bubble more so.

I also had a bunch of toxic people leave my life and the important ones are stronger.


I’ve long held that social media is a new spin on astral traps, only this time it fits conveniently in your pocket.

After some long talks with Dantalion back in late 2013 I came to see the net as a whole as either a tool or a trap, with social media falling into the later category.

I was shown how much easier it is for strong personalities to flood the general landscape of the human mind with their ideals, and make slaves out of the less awake among us. I have it on good authority that spirits are in on the game too, working with what I can only describe as black magicians of Silicone Valley for their own purposes.

As I was told about social media, “If you aren’t paying for it, you are the product, not the customer.”


social media is new form of brainwashing by media conglomerates. THey shape how the new generation is living their lives. Lazy conditioning with no drive or ambition. Follow the sheep of text / social phobia avoidance mentality. They can’t even interact in real life. THey all need a middleman called the phone… VERY SAD!!


Social media was specifically designed to create desires for things you don’t need, not just products, but validation. Which of course doesn’t mean :poop: coming from people who don’t even know you or couldn’t care less about you (and vice versa, let’s be honest…). One of the main goals is to keep you on these sites for as long as possible. Your attention is their profit. I’ve had some confirmation from a spirit about the purpose behind it (but it really only takes a modicum of common sense to figure it out). It is a trap, but only for those not bright enough to realize this. Anything we consume could potentially consume us, so it’s up to us to moderate and control our own behavior. Greedy/ deluded multi-billion conglomerates will only follow their own interests, and healthy, balanced customers who are comfortable with themselves is not what makes them money.


Eh not soo much for me. I loved youtube since about 06 and didn’t really use actual social media until probably 2011ish. I’ve been on and off it, but for no specific reason. There’s alotta really cool people to meet and interact with too.

Looking at ass on instagram has become one of my favorite past times :kissing_cat::heart_eyes:


I completely agree. At one point I was hooked, posting daily, checking the likes, seeing other people live these great lives. It’s all a show & it can make you depressed. One day I just felt like it was time to let it go deleted everything. It was hard at first going to concerts and on vacation & not posting pics. However it really made me be in the moment and enjoy my experiences more than I ever had. I’m so much happier and at peace now without it. Too much ignorance and negativity I don’t need in my life.


I have never been big into social media. I use Facebook for keeping in touch with family and friends who are hundreds of miles away, for knowledge of local events happening around town, and promotion for the theatre company I work for, but that’s it. I actually haven’t been on it for over a week or so though.

I tried to use social media to promote my artistic work, even created a Twitter account for it, but I really suck at both marketing myself and motivation for it. Haven’t used my Twitter for 6 months now.

This forum is about the extent of my social media usage right now, and I probably spend too much time here lol


Social media is lame. What a non-sequitur: social media. It’s more like anti-social media.

I haven’t had any social media in many, many years (and when I did have it, it was only MySpace way back in the day, and a bit of Facebook that I thankfully never got into, and some dating websites.) Now I don’t touch any of that shit and am happier for it. Also, why the hell would anyone want to give their private details over to corporations like (((Facebook)))?

It’s best and healthiest to meet people IRL. And also to honor your alone time and learn to be happy with your own company.


I have Facebook for family but never use it, they need something they know my number. It’s full of people trying to feel more important than they are or getting pissed about things that don’t matter. Reddit is entertaining but half the stuff there is people trying to seem edgy (especially the occult subreddit). This is the only “social media” I mess with and not even sure it could be considered that considering most of the people here actually believe what they say and have a brain they use.


this site is not social media. IT’s forum for learning magick and sharing. =o)