So you want to bang an angel?

All angels like sex.

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Ok so you know of bronwyn angels? As i have heard they don’t have a sexual nature. But i have no experience of them get so can’t say. I have tried read about bronwyn but i don’t know where to look for information on the race. :grin::thinking:

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Hey Addi I did some research on them. They seem to be an angel that specializes with going inbetween dimensions and very similar to faeries and are sold in vessels. (Skeptical of buying spirit bound vessels myself but to each their own) in which case my best guess is that they still like sex.

Archangels aren’t supposed to have a sexual nature either going by modern theologist and yet they clearly do. You don’t even have to take my experience for it. Angelic mythology from judaism and this one verse in genesis from christianity also explicitly states that angels in general get sexual. In islam they are the reason women are supposed to have their heads covered during prayer (so an angel doesn’t look at them with a lustful gaze) Other than my own experience I’m not putting out anything you can’t actually research.

Modern theologist seem to ignore the ancient literature on them to spin them to their liking imo

Do your best to connect with them get creative put what you know about them into action use available sigils and create your own experiences then come back and share

I started a journal where I posted information on opening up your psychic senses so you can begin to communicate with them

Good luck!


Yes for me it seams odd if they did not like sex. Yes i will see for my self and share! Thanks i will take a look at your journal. :blush:

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psychic senses journal? Sweet I’m eager to read it.


Here’s the link to my journal for any who are interested

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I’m mad I’m just now finding this. Lol! Glad I’m not the only weirdo with an angel too. When I saw you got branded I was like damn it took Azrael almost a month to decide he was going to mark me by biting me. We’ve been married almost 2 years and he just marked me Friday after I enticed him with blood lol.


What would a female angel get from a human male that say a male angel couldn’t give. Also what do you get in return ?


Nothing besides different sex skills, but then again that’s not racial that’s individual. As for what you get in return, sex? I mean you’re seeking sex from an entity meaning you both want it.

Unless you want a nephilim child then there’s that.


If I’m not mistaken this term was coined by creepyhollow?

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Agree with Rungr’s answer

Ahh i get it. I thought it was they f$%k you and you get something in return. That’s why it didnt make sense to me

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Lol like a sexual genie? That’s actually interesting. But no it’s not like that. I’m married to mine so it’s just like any other relationship. He does teach me things though.

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I wish I could explain how hot this sounds. Lol Forceful female angel? Sign me up.


Until you want to get or have a missus and then shit gets messy


Things always get messy. Might as well have a good time on the way down. :wink:


@noddy Well if you’re going by my experience I can see why you’re thinking of a sex genie (rofl at that one @ngcreativity) I don’t know how much of my case is typical but it seems to have a lot in common with an incubus and throughout magick history it wasn’t uncommon for people to swap sex for power with a familiar spirit. Ofcourse it’s also hard to say how much is true about this as witches often gave false testimonies through forced confessions because they were really just poor women being tortured.

But you also see these things happen in other cultures as well.

Spirit lovers take care of those they take an interest in and will give you what you need or ask for Just like a physical lover would.

I’ve heard of sucubi cases helping their lovers with protection and health even when they aren’t being directly asked.

What you negotiate out of any spirit contract is up to you. So negotiate with your own best interest in mind.

@DylanZed I hope you’re able to get introduced to that forceful female angel waiting somewhere in the ether for you! :wink: Again my experience happened by total accident. So I am unsure of anyone you can petition the way you can petition Lilith for a succubi. But who knows maybe Lilith would know a few female angels down for it? Their sides aren’t as neatly divided as we think. Also many people see Gabriel as a woman maybe she would know someone? And someone once reported that Ariel was feminine and forceful to a scary degree

So far it seems like anyone whose come forward with an angelic experience was taken by surprise.

You don’t choose the angel lover The angel lover chooses you :woman_shrugging:

Still stand by working on astral projection and crashing an angel party and they really do seem to like to party


Yes i got my bronwyn angel from CH.

Hmm I’ll keep that in mind when I redo my contract. Mine was completely an accident too. I seduced him but didn’t realize who he was. It was unexpected on both sides. And it was even more unexpected when he came back. The last shocker was him asking me to marry him. Fast forward to now and we’re still learning how these relationships work because neither of us ever dreamed that we would end up together like this. But I love my bae and he loves me lol.

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How do you do that and is it worth it if I’m a gentle being in general? How would you summon an angelic girl like that? How can I be sure that it’s going to be a benevolent being and an actual Seraphim or another good-sided angel? How can I be sure it doesn’t use shapeshifting powers and pretends to be another being, being equally powerful but actually kinda evil (regardless of sex being good or bad)?

Serious questions, because I want but I’m not into evil ones regardless of what they offer.