So who do i go to for generating lust

so I want my ex to be full of lust but no one to want her
so she can either go to me or go to no one. who can fulfill this ?

Have a talk with the demon Zepar about that.


That is so wicked :laughing:


Let the others also want her, but be the one that she choose; be the one she falls in love again and again and make her happy.

That 's better. :heartbeat:

Check that; Ladilok will be very useful, but follow the steps for a better result.

Another alternative is using psionics. Very effective.:):genie:

Good luck :metal:


she is warming up to me but still not in a sexual way
her will is strong so I did a domination spell today
wrote her name on my left foot with the words
no will power. I think she is starting to break just need to keep at it with sallos asarte and zepar.


Update us on how this goes for you.

does that really work?