So who created mankind?

Man things just keep getting more interesting by the day
thanks for the info!


Also to clarify if I haven’t said it, Womb of the mother=Void.


Think about this, how many ancient gods have we forgotten, thus severing them from being able to be sustained? Where do you think they go when they can no longer will themselves to exist?

And branching from that, where have all the souls of the dead gone.


I’ve been reading into the Draconian Tradition so little bits of information like this help a lot!

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I think along those lines as well. Even if we were not GMO’d then perhaps a result of drastic mutation. In a spiritual sense I suppose it is possible that we created ourselves, but the act of transferring into physicality has robbed us of that memory.

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The Void is the ultimate concept. To grok the void is the key to true wisdom. It destroys all knowledge including science and builds it back good as new. The best part is, every child has touched upon the Void. Every human has mastered the art of philosophy without realizing it.

It’s as simple as the unstoppable questioning of a four year old, "Why?"
Who made everything? But why? Where did God come from? How did Chaos happen? When did time start? What happened before that?

Everyone knows about it, but only the wise stop and realize the immutable truth of the Void. At some point, logic and causality cease. The first thing that ever happened, happened for absolutely no reason whatsoever. There’s no way around it. The true light of all creation, the unmoved mover and ultimate god of gods is the Void.

The Void is not jealous. The Void does not judge. The Void cannot harm you. The Void will not budge.


Alfred E Neuman there is some of him in all of us

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Lucifer or Heylal as he wants to be called now, explains it here through a channeled session with Pamela Aaralyn. Link below

It’s about one hr and twenty minutes Q and A, but Lucifer explains creation in the first 30 minutes.

I think the annunaki created humans and they’re sometimes referred to as ancient Gods.

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According to something crazy, Yakub created all the races except the blacks.

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The void is all new to me and so interesting too. I found a good resource from V.K. Jehannum on Liber Anaxeiraz by Chris Paige & Austin Blackstone. They just made a new WordPress (thedevilsthroneapple) talking about the void and The Forbidden 13 dark gods. I want to see more about the void in their blog. A good thirst for knowledge.

Tiamat’s flesh & Kingu’s blood as they are the key ingrediants provided to Ki in order to create us if you wanna go with the babylonian creation. lol

why does it even matter who created us? what will knowing give you? peace of mind or more questions?

maybe its something we are not meant to know. maybe i DO know and nobody will believe me, not even you @alphaC… maybe just by knowing, we succumb to a dogma and place limits on ourselves as a result of knowing.

@alphaC if i were you i’d stop going down this train of thought…its only going to lead to a headache.

There’s this video called “Human History Movie” by spirit science on YouTube. I found it really interesting.

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All knowledge is limitation, but that doesn’t make it useless.

Accepting anything closes off the mind, because by accepting a definition of anything, you get stuck into, “this is this.” However, this ignores the fact that progress, evolution, and knowledge actually needs dogma in order to open up the space to allow new things to become assimilated into our previous understanding. The void is also a source of knowledge just as much as it is a way to destroy knowledge, and crushing our desire to know on behalf of a suppose “life wisdom” or " practical wisdom" is anti-intellectual and frankly laughable.

Why? Well, if we ignored everything and just went after the absolute, then we would just be mystics. The moment that we start desiring knowledge of the forces of creation to make our lives better, that’s when we become magicians. The knowledge gained from the use of magick is not just practical, it is also inherently mystical. The use of purely practical, mundane means to achieve our goals can just as easily be called magick because it deals with using our knowledge of the universe to achieve our ends. There is no difference between using a gun to kill someone or baneful workings, but the use of magick as we know it involves expanding our notions of what’s possible and thus adds to our knowledge.

I assure you, nobody will ever complain, " Oh, why do we need to know how to make or use guns? It just limits our perceptions of what weapons are…"