So, what are the exact steps?

I’ve been looking at the mastering evocation companion guide, and it is just so over simplified. Page 30 of evoking Mephistopheles.

Where exactly am I supposed to look for for the right candles, offerings, incense and incantations for evoking spirits? Its as if this knowledge is locked away behind sealed vaults.

I’ve bought books, bought the magic circle, I have plenty of money stowed away for the materials. But everywhere I look, the steps are either over simplified or really nothing at all.

I’d like to evoke the big fish. Mephistopheles and Satan Lucifer himself. Where do I go?!?


Mate… it seems like you’re making it more complex than it has to be, just because you’re thinking that it should.

Chill out, use the guides available, even if you think it is too simple, and then see what results do you get.

Just saying.


Be calm, use intuition… Some say Lucifer is God… Take that into context? Do you get many visuals? Use those… Like a finger prick of blood on the next full moon… What feels right to you?

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You don’t NEED those things to evoke spirits, at least not for beginning and for most encounters.

Have you watched this?

it cuts through a lot of the specifics used in each method to reveal the basic elements in all evocation.


If you are following the Mastering Evocation course, then you know none of that is required, right? It seems you are getting bogged down in minor details. There are numerous ways to evoke a spirit, ranging from the simple to the very ornate and complex.

Black candles are traditional, but I have summoned demons with white, blue, and red without issue. In EA 's system, candle colour does not matter so use whatever is handy. I used 1 black and two white when I evoked Lucifer because I had nothing else. If I remember correctly, I used sky blue for Mephistopheles.

For incense, EA recommends copal resin as a good all around manifestation base for any entity.

Offerings are not necessary within EA’s system so he doesn’t cover them. If you are hung up on the belief that you just have to give offerings, look into the work of S. Connolly for suggestions. She has a chapbook called Demonic Offerings available on Kindle.

You don’t need incantations either. It is sufficient just to call, “Lucifer, come! Take form before me, that I may see and hear you clearly!”

However, if you think weird words are necessry, try the Incantation to Summon Forth (which is actually included in the course workbook I believe):


I’m going to quote @charles9 who previously posted a summary of the video seminar i linked above:

Post if you have questions about each step with some info on what your basic beliefs or previous experiences have been so far, we can probably brainstorm simple ways to tick each of those off the list.


I’ll have to watch the video again…

(sigh) in the course he just glossed over scrying and different ways of seeing spirits, then went on to record himself doing rituals from 1 big jump. the guide didn’t help. But ok, I’ll take your word for it.

I’ll do what you all recommend and get back to you on the results. I’m just bogged down by school and college. I have a lot of bills to pay and cannot afford to lose my job and a lot of college classess…

The workbook is only meant to be a guide, not a word for word transcript. You are supposed to follow the videos.

Sections 1-3 are the theory and basic discussion, and section 4 contains the preliminary exercises for trance and structuring. He also goes into using seals to ask questions of spirits to develop the ability to hear by writing down what pops in your head in response. I wouldn’t say he glosses over scrying, but all scrying is, really, is the culmination of the trance, structuring and questioning exercises. It ties the previous lessons together.

From there, he goes into a demonstration of a basic evocation of the elemental king of Air, Paralda, for opening the senses. After that, he does an evocation of Mesphital to continue the development of the senses. He also includes an evocation of Beelzebub as an extra, which is not tied to the lessons.

If it helps, the basic steps of evocation are: Trance, opening of the seal/summoning, structuring form within the manifestation base (be it a scrying medium or incense smoke, the process is the same), communication.

I have the course myself so feel free to ask about anything you don’t understand.


you really do live up to your name, darkest knight.


K.I.S.S. can take you far my friend. If you need a medium to help learn to scry in order to help develope your sight for evocation, try using the night sky. It is just as effective as any scry mirror and is completely free to use.


@Lady_Eva @DarkestKnight

Which demon/entity do I evoke to talk about serious emotional problems. I was thinking about telling Satan Lucifer, but maybe I’ll try some alternatives first, before going to the king fish.

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Buer would be a good choice to research further.

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can satan be evoked at any time of day? or rather, do spirits have certain times of days they can be contacted?

Yes he can. The tradition of spirits being evoked at certain times is more for the benefit of the magician in order to help with the immersion process. It is not a requirement, at least in my eyes.


can you DM me please. I can’t seem to be able to find the feature

well, i tired it last night. nothing happened. Just focused on the sigil, saw it flash, redirected my attention to the scrying mirror, saw a little fog. nothing happened.

What were you expecting? Thunder and lightning and a puff of smoke?

You do know that is a well known sign of your scrying vision waking up, right?


well, at what point was I supposed to hear the voices? I’ve been meditating for 1 hour each day and I don’t see any increase any clairaudience.

At what point was I supposed to see the the hooded figure? Or angel of light what ever appearance he takes form?

Did you structure the form in the scrying mirror?

Scrying requires being receptive, and it can take many attempts to see passed the mist. It takes practice. It took me about two months to have my first real success, and half of that time was spent simply learning to sit in trance without trying to force something to happen.

Meditation clears your mind and aids in focus, but on its own it doesn’t automatically “turn on” your clairaudience or clairvoyance.


Your will and intent are most important of the all and everything… Let intuition be your guide…