So I'm working on a candle curse

There’s a guy who’s been a real thorn in my anus for the past year, main offenses being emotionally and mentally manipulating my wife into sex multiple times and constantly trying to turn her against me and leave me to be with him. He’s her father’s age. He’s been stalking her, causing scenes in public, and the latest incident had me finally punch him in the hand because he reached in the car to grab my wife.

Now I’m done.

I found a nice triangular pillar candle in black on a chance visit to a store way far from home.

I’ve been pouring all of my hatred for this guy into the candle and carving sigils into it to kill him, including an evocation to Lucifer for aid in this. I want him to suffer, but I want him cold and gone first and foremost. Hell can have him for the rest.

Once it’s charged to my satisfaction with all of my hate and rage, I’m going to go to phase 2. Pentagram drawn in ash with tea lights at each corner, the death candle in the center, 6 sets of dragons blood incense burning, and just pour all of my energy into it as it all burns.

How’s it looking? Anything to add for more power and success rate? I need this guy down and out ASAP.

Man, that sounds horrible , you should divorce her , it’ll probably happen again , try praying to any of the 72 , maybe Andras .

She’s not the issue. He threw away a 32 year marriage with 2 grown kids because he’s obsessed with her to the point of essentially chasing us around the county the other night just to see her and honk his horn. He’s had 32 years practice in emotional manipulation. His wife (because they’re not officially divorced yet) is a nervous wreck around him, terrified to defy him or piss him off in the slightest. He takes every opportunity to twist anything anyone says in an effort to turn my wife to his side on everything, yet when asked rational questions he always has an excuse or flat out avoids the question entirely changing the subject and redirecting the attack on others. He needs to be stopped and gotten out of our life. I’ll do some reading up on Andras, but like I said Lucifer is already on the list. King Paimon too since we have a thing going on and I feel like his domination will play a role in this curse.

Ok , sounds like you’re right to do what you’re doing , The Archangel Michael would punish him and do the right thing too , but it’s up to you , you could also try Andras and Lucifer

Glasya Labolas has been amazing with me and even taught me a curse. I recommend him but he is famous to cause blood baths around the target, so something to think about.
Just sit with a candle and his sigil, think about the hate you have for your target. He gave me a very in detail spell even though I am a beginner in hexing. During the spell, my hatred was suddenly transformed in happiness and I couldn’t stop myself from giggling (weird right?).
Anyway, good luck and look up banishing spells on the forum, there are a lot of ressources.


That’s harassment and stalking, why not just get a retraining order?

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Because the shitstain cops around here don’t do anything until it’s too late. I’ve been pushing for that for months and we’ve gone to the cops in 3 different towns multiple times. Instead of looking at the proof I have of him harassing us and even subtly threatening me, they do nothing and on top of doing nothing they call him to get his side of the story and then just believe him over us because he’s older and he uses the messages from my wife from when she was being manipulated by him and framing it so they believe him.

I don’t have people. I rarely get mad at anyone unless they’re causing problems. If I didn’t feel this drastic of an approach was necessary, I wouldn’t be doing it.

You don’t go to the police for that?

You get a lawyer to submit the motion straight to the court (or do it yourself) and a judge passes it as an order or not. The fact that you made police reports is important as evidence though.
Then when he violates the restraining order and you report that to the police he goes to jail.

Try Belial for extra oomph, or The Morrigan for justice.

I also don’t exactly have money for filing something like that, especially on taking a chance on whether or not the judge would side with us or him. Going to the cops with proof of wrongdoing (including the threats of bodily harm) should have been enough. Apparently not.

You can also grab graveyard dirt from a person with a history of malevolence or a soldier, or even family member who was tough and built, sprinkle it around his house (if you know where he lives).

Drop a few silver dimes when you leave the graveyard and you’re on your way! :slight_smile:

The best way to strike someone is to disturb their patterns, then they’ll be drenched in distorted thinking and a lot WILL go wrong. This dude got too much unstable PLUTONIAN energy lol! :smile:

His current pattern is stalking us. A killing curse would disrupt that I think.

what are you talking about? she is interacting with the crazy stalker. That is part of the problem. Look at the situation for what it is. It takes 2 to tangle. Make no excuse for her cheating on you. A smart person would not even get involve or interact with a person they show no interest. Talk to her. It’s a simple education and having heart to heart talk with her about the situation and what to do with it. I would say the issue if both. Her issues and then there is stalker issue. 2 seperate issue.

To get rid of someone in your life . You just have to not interact or talk with them. Tell them to buzz of your life and hers. You can even get restraint order and such. You go to courts not cops for it. The cops will enforce the restraining order when you get it approve from judge. Depending on what state or city, restraining order can be free if it’s domestic violence, stalking and elder abuse victims . Do your research on your city. Many city are free if it’s harasssment/stalking. Don’t assume it cost a lot. It’s free in CAlifornia for such. ANd if he touches her without consent, you can add assault to it too.

And she have to absolutely be clear she wants him out of life and show with her behavior. If she continue to interact then it’s not considered stalking or harassment as she invites his presence.

This is mainly physical mundane solution.

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I’m not going to go on a tangent about it, but she is not the problem.

I know all this already and I’ve done all this already. In my town, in the great state of New Jersey, there’s a filing fee for that. We are practically homeless and actually jobless. How am I going to just whip out a hundred or so dollars for a filing fee on the CHANCE that a judge may or may not side with us? We have so much more important things to be worried about than a 52 year old baby driving all around to find us when we just want to go out for a damn coffee.

He is insane and we are not the only people he’s affected. And he did assault my wife. The cops didn’t do shit. It was even on CCTV at a gas station.

In you case did you check the encantation summary here,?plus do a doll baptized on his name,adapt.u are doing good but atack using different sports bomb him.

I was thinking of doing a poppet at first, but the candle practically screamed at me from the store shelf.

Again, my wife and friend and I were just going to this store that’s like 25 miles away down the highway on a whim and this thing jumped out at me.

Did u check v. K. Jehanun page he has 3 curses, its easy. But not sure if you check his page.

You could petition/call upon The Erinyes/Furies for justice/vengeance.
Graveyard dirt-always nice to add in a curse, preferably from the grave of a suicide victim or murderer.
Poppy seeds- leaves him in a state of confusion.

To bring sickness and death-

Yes sir. Get yourself a d.u.m.e. candle, and dume oil…“death unto my enemy”, and do the same. That should do it.

The candle I got is a conical pillar, black, and I inscribed several sigils on it including Lucifer’s. I also just sent my petition with a drop of blood on his sigil drawn on that too. I’ve since lit the candle and I’m seeing its effects manifest, some even manifesting before I did the ritual. The sheer intent leading up to it and pouring all of my hate and malice into it got the ball rolling it seems, now that it’s burning and the petition is sent I’ve been seeing more results. I’ll have to look into that dume candle if I ever need someone else erased, which is unlikely because it takes a lot to piss me off and I’m not about to pull any punches.