So... Fictional characters being summoned?

I’ve seem some topics about the invocation of fictional characters, but is someone working with them lately? I’m really interested on reading some fresh experiences about the subject.

(I’ve read the “Pop Culture Magick by Taylor Ellwood” and I was wondering if any of you have some other books on the subject to share too! :slight_smile: )


I like going with comic characters lol they work pretty well too :smiley:


oww, for real? I’ve been told that they have lots of energy, can you feel them pretty well while invoking them?


It’s pretty much like calling any other spirit lol the more in depth you know the character the better the connection. So go with the most loved ones!


You ever watch Stranger Things? There is an interesting subtle hint in there. Also I summoned 11 for help with telekinesis. It was so worth it. Still not very good but for having not even been dedicatedly practicing it for a month yet it is going very well in terms of control I just have to work on linking to different objects and getting the strength on it up.
Also the Dresden Files present a very rich universe to draw characters from for nice little chats.


alright, thank you! :smiley:

I did! very cool thought, 11 seems perfect to help with telekinesis indeed, cool to know that this is working for you! thanks for your input


I find the X-Men characters useful myself.


Technically, you can “summon” anything that has been given attention and energy by people. So, in theory, you can manifest fictional characters, sure.

Actually, when I was a whelp of 15, I called my first spirit guide “Grendel”, after the comic by Matt Wagner. That was definitely an entity/energy but he seemed fine with the name. He gave me a lot of useful info.

In the above case, it was a thing masquerading under a fictional name. So be careful about that.


It seems pretty interesting and yes, @levilevi 's comment makes sense, absolutely.

Hm… maybe I’ll be give it a try then. I’ve always wanted to talk
and make a great friendship with this Ink Demon. :black_heart::fountain_pen:

…and I’ll write about my results later. I don’t know when will I have the time and for it,
but let’s hope this will be a cool ride.


I don’t know about fictional characters being summoned, but I know that demons can take on the shape of fictional characters, as masks.


More reason why I believe that evocation are just accessing parts of our own subconscious. It has use in so far as it affects the world, but any conversations with an evoked being is the equivalent of masturbation.

While I do believe in real gods and spirits, I don’t think many people on this forum are actually contacting them. But that’s just my opinion.


im reading his book right now

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Hay this a thought that some of you might find weird. But you know when people draw or write porn about these characters and someone has a their big finish while thinking about that character. Are they not being empowered by the orgasm?


They should be.


Yeah i thought so.

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Fictional characters are great to call upon for help especially if you know a lot about them or identify greatly with the character. You see people on here who identify greatly with demons or gods, the same thing happens with fictional characters.

I´d argue a lot of the deities we know in the occult world have various faces and forms in or imagination and fictional worlds. Truth really is stranger than fiction.

Is Lucifer God´s favorite creation, his most popular rival, something else, all of the above?

Is Spiderman, Stan Lee´s creation, a character, or is he Peter Parker?

The Black suit spiderman has a special place in my heart, as horrible as I think the majority was.


I’ve actually been thinking about invoking Mileena, recently. I forgot just how much I love that psycho bitch!


This song is hilarious & fun, once it gets fast: “Just cause you say I’m crazy? So what if I’m fuckin’ crazy, I’m gonna show you – loco, maniac, sick bitch, psychopath, yeah I’m gonna show you. I’m gonna show you. Yeah, I’m gonna show you – mental, out my brain, batshit, go insane, yeah, I’m gonna show you. I’m gonna show you.”

Mileena – Siren Assassin

She’s been my go-to broad since she appeared in MK II.


How would someone evoke a fictional character without an een or sigil?

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Enns are hardly necessary. I never use them at all.

And you can create your own sigil for a fictional character easily enough.


You can practice it to evoke spirits without enns and sigils simply with your thoughts, mind. I know, because I did it several times.

I’m about to evoke the Ink Demon, and knowing his character, his interests, knowing his being makes for you way easier to call him or of curse, whatever fictional character what you want.


I’ve swimmed in deep in the details, even in the case of fictional characters, their past, present and personality, emotions. Don’t know why did I do it before, but I think it will be helpful now (and it was anyway, even in the case of Deities).