So do angels actually serve the god EL?

I’ve been doing a lot of research into it and YAHWEH is said to be a son or descendant of EL the ruler of the pantheon that yahweh has originated from. Jesus was said to be a follower of Melchizedek who was a follower of EL ELYON and from what I read was sent by EL to remind the nations of Israel that god is not yahweh as the nations just mixed their names together and yahweh became the entire center of it all. And his name in the details michaEL uriEL raphaEL gabriEL… this has just been my findings as of recent.

Not exactly, and most of them are also either Elohim (that’s the plural: one El, many Elohim - El is a kind of being not a name) or other “gods”, including personified forces or nature or deified human rulers. Pagans rarely worshipped human figures and worked with energy directly or personified by owning hat they deliberately personified those powers, and I think that’s the most correct form, magickally speaking.

I don’t consider the yahweh as the ruler they all accepted, and we see that pretty clearly in the ideas of wars between them, but he didn’t half try hard. Do El serve other El, probably, but the term “angels” is misleading, and implies a difference in being that isn’t true. So they’re no different than humans serving other humans and every one is an individual making his own choices.

Also some were never really Elohim, or independent Elohim, but older gods that were absorbed into the tribal conquerors religion at the time, and the ones they wanted to shit on became “demons”: it’s all ancient political propaganda basically and imo almost 100% garbage.

That’s why their names have El in them: it originally meant “God of…” I found recently, and the semitics changed it to “…of God” to alter it to a subservient role suiting their blatantly false monotheistic model (politics). So God of healing was Rapha-El etc.

So yes there were a lot of Elohims (or Els to use modern English grammer), we don’t really know who was who or how they were related, we don’t know why we called them gods as they seem to be more like skilled people with sophisticated tech.

And the mystics of the school that taught the figurehead Yeshua the Nazarene told the Jews that their El ywhw was the actual devil… that’s in Matthew something something. If I was going to use the “demons are a bad thing that are out to get you” trope, well yes some are, and yhwh is the worst of the worst “demons” there are.

I’m pretty sold on the idea of Metatron’s (literary historian youtuber) that the translation of “god” is unhelpful and incorrect: El doesn’t have a good translation into English and we should just keep the word El and Elohim as-is to be accurate.

There’s an excellent scholar and historian of these stories that goes back to what we really do know, not based on UPG or 27-times garbled mistranslations of the bible.

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Lol seems to be a lot of shitting on and mixing together in all these religions. Like I did remember a website that Michael went by mikhail and was a deity that got mixed into Christianity but so there’s another situation of that. Seems
to me religion is a waste of time😂


I completely agree with you. As far as I can tell the entire point of religions is power mongering by the leaders of the religions, both incarnate and discarnate as hungry ghosts aka parasites.

Nothing they have to say cannot be discovered through mystical methods and self study, nobody needs them, they us or they don’t exist, and they seem to cause way more harm than good, which makes sense as parasites feed on negative energy, and what causes more negative energy than guilt, hate, war and conflict?


Yahweh was created here , not from Source . I don’t know what other beings do with their “Source” but Angels of our Source don’t follow it the way that the Christian view it . All Angels have free will just like most human souls . Source is “Home” not a prison

This type of reseach is good for a hobby. But we can’t build our life on it.
I mean if somebody feel his ascendant astrological sign activated then you think this research is a self improvement. If you feel your moon sign, then it means you take this as a hobby.
I just say for people who read this thread and are clinging on this stuff.

Edit: Same with religion. If a person hold his initial intent when he go into a church that he want to just improve himself spiritually, then he won’t stuck there. But people lost it and then say they are there because there is truth. (now I don’t say that the christian entities aren’t parasites to humanity.)

Stuff like this is simply lore. The stories serve to keep the spirits alive imo. The actual details are usually made up.

That being said, the angels are under source, not El or Yahweh.

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