So about the planets aligning.....?

Is the world going to end(tomorrow)? Like the Mayans predicted.

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The Mayans predicted that the world would end in 2012, so no.


The Mayans predicted 2012, because that was the year their calendar ended. They have nothing to do with 2021.


I don’t know that it matters. And anyone that’s actually looked into their stuff realizes that the wheel goes back around again, so…likely not.

But if you thought it might, why waste time on here?


If anything, it’s the end of a cycle, not the end of the world.


There’s been a running thing online about dec 21st, 2020 but it was not about the world ending, from what I have seen it’s been more of a running thing that the world will go through some massive change and we’ll be in complete darkness for 3 days and 3 nights which many new agers claimed about last year too and it didnt happen.

the cause of the 3 days and 3 nights was because the electrical grid would be fucked as the world “ascended” planet and all…so yeah nothing is actually going to happen.


Yeah, weird stuff is defiantly happening. I just feel a little sick trying to think about it.

Personally, I think people assuming that the world ending very soon is brought upon by fears of the unknown and immense uncertainty, especially given that 2020 has been… well, 2020.


a dumpster fire xD

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I look forward to waking up tomorrow for more magical adventures so i’m not worried about the world ending, or ascending, or whatever fear based thing people are currently pushing. The stars have never dictated my fate, so why would I start letting some planetary conjunction start doing so now?


it won’t be the end of the world tomorrow because my morose depressed ass could never be that lucky :expressionless::joy:


Well, your depression could end tomorrow, I mean why not right?


doubtful but if not for a small glimmer of hope i would have nothing :grimacing:

I remember when the world was supposed to end in 1995, my friends and I would joke about it in the lunchroom back in high school. It was a big thing back then supposedly.

Then the world was supposed to end with Y2K. The sheer panic and fear some people felt over the world ending precisely at midnite on Jan 1, 2000 was mind boggling.

Once again I’ve been reading random dates and times when the world is supposed to end. I don’t pay attention to it anymore.

If it happens, it happens…:woman_shrugging:t5:


I was 6 during the whole Y2K thing I believe, I remember people kept talking about stocking up on bologna :thinking:


This. New Agers claim every single year is going to be the end. Same for a lot of conspiracy theories. Every year people also say that the hypothetical Planet X is going to collide with Earth. Every year Christians also say Judgement Day will come, as they have very frequently for the past 2000 years

Of course, every such prediction that has come to pass has had a 100% failure rate.

Not to mention, astronomical events like this aren’t exactly rare lol, it’s far from the first time the Earth has experienced a conjunction like this before in its history.


What, meters stop working & they can’t find where to send the bills to now we’re not in the old location?

Cool! :money_mouth_face:

Quick everyone think ascend-y thoughts! :+1:


For those interested, the book 1000 AD goes into depth on why the medieval Christians thought the world was going to end at 1000 AD and how they changed their behaviors based on it…only to watch time continue to tick on the following day.

I should re-read it, now that I think about it.


Hmm that would actually be a very interesting read. I’ll definitely check it out sometime.

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I use to honestly look forward to the 3days and 3 nights of darkness lmao apparently people were suppose to stay in doors as the world changed lol