Smell of sulphur

Hello guys, please I have a question: have anyone ever perceived the smell of sulphur after invocation? I did an evocation 2 days ago, and another one yesterday (same demon and a different one). Fast forward to this morning from 3am, I started perceiving strong smells of sulphur even till this very moment 4:44 am.

Could it be the demons are lurking around or is the sulphuric smell thumbnail that they were present? And how long would the smell last?

Thank you!


It’s not that common but it happens. You tend to get different smells at different times. It’s more often an indication of presence and should fade when they’re not around. 4:44 is a sign of presence as well but that’s probably the forum as that when you posted here.

Alchemically, sulphur is part of the components of the work to turn lead into sold, so it’s very important as a spiritual metaphor. It’s a tool for gaining enlightenment basically, which is why the medieval church associated it with their scary fictional monsters aka “demons” to discourage people from trying to develop their spiritual side… so I take it as a good sign you are working with the right spirits.

While you’re waiting for other responses. here’s some more mentions of people experiencing sulphur smells… for some it indicates a negative or lesser entity, so testing for impostors becomes more important, though not always. Search results for '' - Become A Living God? :slight_smile: expanded=true&q=sulphur%20smell

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Guess there’s voluminous knowledge to still gain from this forum. Pls, how do I know an imposter demon, and what audacious are they to manifest when they aren’t the one being evoked?

Thank you!

It’s a fairly common problem. You magickal activity create light and ripples in the astral that are very interesting, and attract attention. Some attention is just curiosity, and some if from those with agendas, and some from hungry entities that feed on that kind of energy and are looking for an easy lunch.

More advanced entities can insert themselves into the connection, usurp it, and claim to be what they are not in order to get tour attention and energy. People often figure that out when they start acting out of character, and/or simply can’t deliver on the promises, or start making weird demands. They’ll also schmooze you and tell you grandiose bullshit, like you’re suddenly a prince of hell or some such nonsense to appeal to your ego and keep it going. They may switch between buttering you up and threatening you, it gets very abusive and gaslighty the longer it goes on.

Assholes are everywhere: as above so below; as within so without, (Hermetic axiom) so, it’s worth knowing how to recognise and avoid them both on Earth and in the spiritual realms :smiley: Raise your vibrations to cut out 90 percent of them instantly.

We have some discussions on impostors here, and a few are collected here: scroll down in the first one for a good impostor tutorial…

and once you know you have a freeloader you want to get rid of, here’s how…

Commonly, first you make sure your senses are developed enough to get communication happening, then you can ask it to show you it’s sigil in your mind’s eye. There’s a belief that seems to work, that an impostor will show you it’s own sigil and can’t show you any one else’s. I don’t know why this works: they lie about everything else, but there seems to be a rule, you can lie with language, but not with direct telepathic images.

Hahahaha that’s a low for those imposters. But are these imposters prone to harming the sojourner, or they refrain from doing so given the fact they aren’t the main demon summoned? Then again, are some top-echelon demons prone to having many imposters than their counterparts within the same hierarchical category, just like good products have so many fakes/counterfeit? Lastly, what happens when a top-echelon demon gets to know an imposter stood as him (if you finally succeeded in summoning and reporting to him)?

Oh they want to drink your milkshake :smiley: They feed on your energy, they will tend not to act like poltergeists as much as worms, as hey don’t want to scare you off… they will do long term damage that doesn’t kill you but makes life harder, and it slowly harder and harder for you to get rid of them while they get stronger at your expense.

They will distract you from putting work into spiritual growth (because if you grow you’ll figure it out fast and banish them). They can make you waste years of personal development barking up the wrong tree, maybe they pretend to be succubus and you ‘marry’ them thinking you married Lilith, people end up fucking them sometimes because that’s not uncommon and like with humans it’s hard to tell who’s good for you and who’s using you, and that line gets pretty gray anyway. Sex is hugely distracting for humans and an easy bait.

Prevention is better than cure. Especially when new to it, as a rule of thumb only talk to those you invited by name and make sure it’s them and no one else. You can always play silly buggers with it when you know enough to get yourself out of trouble if it all goes South.

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I woke up in the night to the smell of sulphur a few times already.
I noticed no particular energy and to this day I haven’t found out the source or the purpose of the smell.
I rarely work with demons and I found no connection to the smell.

Very interesting, thank you!

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Wow. Does that mean one who ejaculates while sleeping, is a pawn of a demon having sex with him when you’re asleep? Please I really need some knowledge about this. Thank you!

No, that’s a normal thing for human males.

I Usually get that smell, if its infernal royalty, Lilith, Naamah, Samael ect… Usually if your working with there darker aspects the smell will be present. It usually dissipates soon after maybe a day or 2, unless you use other incenses to cover it up instead.

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