Slight problem with only photo I have of target

I’ve had a massive falling out with one of my best friends which I’m trying to fix and I need a photograph of him.

He’s blocked me on all social media so I can’t grab anything normal and I’m not sure this is going to work with the Snapchat filter.

(Would it be against the rules if someone volunteered In private to visit his Facebook and grab some photos for me?)

So embarrassed by this post :roll_eyes::joy:

Please don’t post photos or anything which may identify a target publicly, that’s against the forum rules (below), also we prohibit doxxing and sharing personal info, so please tread carefully asking others to dig out personal information for you.

Could you open an icognito browser tab and navigate to his profile via search?

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Have you considered asking a mutual friend for help or substituting the photo with something else? For example, a previous belonging/item of his? Also, if the only photo that is retained in your possession is a snap-chat one it should theoretically be no different than another picture of said individual. So I say, try using that first and see what results you can spin up.


Honestly you probably don’t even need a photo… sympathetic magic usually calls for one, gosh a lot of other types and rituals too but if all you have is a half assed image in your head (lucky you if you do- I can’t ) that’s usually good enough. Your intent and where your directing it matters so much more.

A name only can suffice the need to identify the enemy in ritual. Names hold power in their own right and, according to many ancient cultures, is a fragment of the soul. One example of this would be from Egyptian mythology where the goddess Isis held power over the creator god Ra when he gave her his true name in exchange for help with healing

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If you are able to recall intensely the presence of a particular person while in ritual, you have no need of pictures or personal items. Your own ability to establish a connection with his essence is what matters, the pictures and the items are just there to help you do so.