Sleep deprivation-theta gamma sync:

I’ve entered theta gamma state unknowingly before with sleep deprivation and twas wondering if I sleep deprived myself again how would I soul travel for the first time would I close my eyes on third day and try to visualize my spirit moving outta body I’m thinking about evoking Lucifer or a spirit guide to help and support me, and I’ve read in others post that you can physically touch a spirit probably because thetas for full spirit evocations any tips for soul traveling with sleep deprivation/theta state, FYI sleep deprivation tis the easiest way for me to Enter deep theta states, I try to use it rarely because I don’t wanna be messing up my schedules, please let me know ASAP, multiverse Blessings.


Not advisable it’s bad for your body and puts you at greater risk of accidents generally (plus it weakens the immune system and with what’s going on in this world I doubt you wanna weaken your immune system). Not saying you can’t just that it’s not a good idea especially during a pandemic.

Add: re accidents risk being increased think things like fall break something have to go where sick people are to get it fixed kinda scenario. Not ideal to put your body there (in deprivation) where your reflexes are slowed from exhaustion cuz then shit can happen. Dig?


Not exactly what I wished to hear but I’m still gonna do it, it always put me underneath a theta I have some spirits I gotta talk to and I need my perceptual filters off so I don’t think I’m talking towards myself besides it doesn’t effect my immune system just my sleep and once I do that I’m gonna anchor my theta state with a hand gesture for example: I’m sleep deprived I’m make it towards three days I do the hand gestures to anchor my theta state then my subconscious shall remember so when I do make the hand gesture it’ll put me in Theta. No hard feelings

And I heard about going into theta by pulling your eye sight back and seeing rain static’s how does that work???

Whatever works for you. I think this is better than drugs, but similar to drug use it gets you that start, and then you can skill build from there to not need to go sleep deprived. Other people on here swear by one or the other… it’s entirely up to you.

There’s two ways of projecting, I prefer to simply start to visualise the location, as strongly as possible. This works for any location on any plane.
I’ve not had success with the astral walking around the room thing, though I still want to develop this skill. EA Koetting’s book on Mastering Soul Travel is good I hear.

This 3 part video series on TY seems good and repeats the same information in most books and blogs in video format

There have also been many conversations here about how to AP, the "Guide to Astral Projection’ thread looks likely :slight_smile:

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We’ve also talked about sleep deprivation a lot before, and as many of those people are not here to repost, or won’t want to repeat themselves, you can find what they said too:


Personally I never get static rain. This can be a symptom of an altered state, but it’s not how you get there.

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