Skull on the altar

It’s said that the skull is to “house a spirit”. Can someone of you tell me more about it? What is it all about. I personally have a plastic skull to represent memento mori.

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I personally think it has as much to do with the importance we place on our brains than anything else. I have a magpie skull I used in my necromancy stuff and while I really like it aesthetically, I wouldn’t need it to be a skull to work in the same manner. I’ve called entities from leg bones and binding to a bone is no different than binding to something else.

So, I think it’s more of a psychological thing than anything else. There will be others that will disagree for at least several reasons I can think of, but those don’t reflect my opinions and I don’t think I could present them properly for this reason. Hopefully they will chime in.

I think it’s just mostly visually poetic and emotive. So I agree with Norse there. Some people just like to be fancy and being fancy helps them get it done, so why not? Having a philosophical framework to build magickal structures within is very helpful.

Someone on here used a teapot to the same effect once. I have vessels that are statues, lamps, vials and pendants…It doesn’t even have to be hollow. It doesn’t really matter what the object you use to link to the spirit is, it’s a kind of idol.

There’s a think in Necromancy about ‘relics’ but imo it’s all the same underlying idea - a moveable altar to an entity that serves as a fast and strong connection between you for communication.

Excellent work! You can consacrate it with the energy of Qayin. Belial likes skulls too and necromancy is also favoured

What is Qayin? Belial likes skull?

Qayin is the witchfather and you can connect through this call:

Zammazo Emooth Zaraqaen Baaltzelmoth
Qayin come!

Belial is a God of Necromancy

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Don’t get it…

Probably because in other books is written as Cain :flushed: