Six Evil Archangels

While going through my notes, I found mention of six evil Archangels. I only had four of their names recorded. They are Tauru, Zairicha, Khudad and Murdad. Does anyone know anything about them?


This is super interesting. What culture or pantheon are you getting this from?

They are Zoroastrian angels called Amesha Spentas. I got it from pg. 15 of A Dictionary of Angels Including Fallen Angels by Gustav Davidson.


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Does anybody know who the other two are and has any ever summoned these spirits before? If not I can see if I cannot get a sigil for one or some of them.


Wikpedia lists the info from old texts… what Gustav Davidson would call them is anyone’s guess.
You might like Kurtis Joseph’s book The Black Magick of Ahriman, which also attempts to interpret Zoroastrian mythology.
Note, here there are 7, not six, so maybe his isn’t what you were looking for?

Those appear to be the “good” archangels. The evil ones can be found under Daevas where their names are: Akoman, Indar, Nanghait, Sawar/Sarvar, Tauriz/Tawrich, Zariz/Zarich. These names appear to be more modern renditions.

Daeva - Wikipedia

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