Sitri fucked me over?

In my experience, as I know it, Sitri is good if you want your boyfriend to fuck other guys; or, if you want your girlfriend to fuck other girls. Other than that, Beleth is the king for what your looking for. Remember, he “enflameth men with women’s love, or enflameth women with men’s love”.


Wow. THANK YOU. What an interesting post. I will definetly keep that in mind and I think all women should. I honestly do 85 % of what u just wrote, minus the essential oil part. I just wear perfume instead . That night we shagged after almost a year i was litterally wearing a red satin robe and butt naked under it. I do the dirty talk always especially with him . I m a scorpio woman so sex is an art for me. He just seemed miles away. His mind wasn t there. That s why i summoned Prince SItri, to make him more into me . Instead ,things ended. I mean wtf. He persued me for so long , we ve had explosive sex before , so I know he can… I still think his ex has him on some spell. If i d show u a picture of me and of him you d be surprised too…

Hum…i always thought Sitri is a lust demon. To incite passion between the summoner and his target.

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Far be it for me to claim I know everything. I most certainly don’t. Far be it for me to claim I know everything. I most certainly don’t. However, my experiences with Beleth have produced for me many more results than any other in regards to lust.

I don t even know if i should try another ritual. mostly i perform sex magick, then summon a demon too, to make it more powerfull (for love&lust spells) i m not sure if i should abandon plan or go with another demon.

Have you thought about a no-sex date with this man, cooking him dinner and letting him talk, watch a really bad film he loves and then sending him home?

Maybe that is what he needs occasionally? Companionship not constant sexual stimulation? Just make him feel loved and cared for.

Just a thought. No rituals, no demons, just food, conversation and listening to him.


I would love that. We ve had non sex dates, a lot of them in the past, and last week too.however, it s not entirely up to me. he is kinda strange and a compulsive liar, makes me wanna treat him bad…ugh it s complicated. had it been a normal relashionship, no demons were needed.

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Sitri never worked for me, it was just a disaster and I never got laid, I think different goetia spirits work differently for different people I have had loads of success with other spirits

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Yea U have a point there. Obviously hasn t worked for me either. I think the wise thing to do here is to abandon plan , and do a summoning of Sallos , and ask him for love. I m sorry to say but i think trying to get a specific person is impossible. I should know.

It has to do with something within you: it might seem that it has nothing to do with you but it is within. It is up to you to decide what the true cause is. Sitri, demons, angels, gods etc. cannot overrule the very nature of your existence, i.e. that which is without is within. Whatever you experienced is pointing to an aspect of your consciousness that you are neglecting.


Sitri’s favourite activity is fucking hearts

That’s fuckin hot.

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Good to know. I think I fell for one of Sitris disciples a few years ago in that case

As within, so without. Rituals and entities are but aspects of your True Self. Nothing can buck your self-concept and to realise this one must acquire self-knowledge. That said, all the magical work is wonderfully helpful but not if you are particularly attached to a limited point of view. Sitri does not fuck you over: you must do that yourself. In truth, nobody gets fucked over and nobody fucks anyone over. It’s all a play in your own consciousness. Self and selves.


no, he is not only about sex

that’s right , uless you already had a great relationship and sundelly the person became less interesed.

Sitri sounds like he did you a favour. You waste time on a casual toy who will fuck you over. Be greatful for Sitri


More likely.

The main problem is that there are some Deities who rules over things what humans basically can not understand in an exact situation, just follows with their desires, dicks and without any realistic thought. This makes them unable to understand the lesson. Plus this Deity is really likes to make things run wild.

But whatever motivated Sitri, even if He “just want to laugh on you and your silly desires” (I don’t think everyone will get the message behind it but let’s hope), you can learn from His lessons, no matter whan. Technically, everything can be a lesson (and He knows it well).

And as @HB_N said, He is NOT only about sex.
Just because most of conjurers are calling Him for sex cases, this doesn’t means that He is only ‘rules over’ sex, lust. And even if we find cases where people ask Him in love case, sometimes it is very clear that for the person it is not about real love but only lust, which can be easily blinds any person.


I agree barely contact with him. Clauneck got me to Sitri they can see a pattern of healing where I could not. I evoked sitri and others. . The power and willingness to aid was amazing at the time. I evoked him to meet and he relaxed me and his under spirits perfOrmskirk healing massage but not sexual , as such.
I g average noticed that he has been frequently on my mind and visions. All whilst I am focused for the nine gatekeeper work and ritual invoke for a client.

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This is also showes how people usually misunderstood Him or builds false image about Him in their mind, controlled by their emotions, ego and desires, lust, while the truth is something else (and this is just only a part of Him).

Maybe my journey with Him is also shows this, how often it happens. I feel myself lucky for He showed up to me and kept following to open my eyes.