Sitri fucked me over?

So I had a fuck friend/ lover thing going on for a while with a guy, on and off, over and over again. I even fell for him a while back. Last week he texts me again and i figured I try again cause we were so good together in bed.We went out on a few dates, then I did a summoning of Sitri, to spice things up, because i felt him more distant and less passionate than usual. But to my surprise,Sitri did not deliver, actually had the opposite effect.This guy gave a crap excuse and didn t come to see me tonight. which is absurd considering how much he always begged me to come bang me,and considering how hot I am ( I am sorry for the lack of modesty) and how not so hot he is. I m in shock. LoL I have a theory tho. either Sitri fucked me over for some reason, or his ex girlfriend ,which is obsessed with him, has some sort of spell cast on him.


Well… The exact same thing happened to me. The problem isn’t with Sitri though, it’s us.

Sitri does not concern himself on making a relationship happen, but just some good.

It’s his task. He delivers on some booty, but not relationships. This is where you would instead contact other Goethite Demons instead. Can’t remember whom now.


hahahaha. that s my point. i wanted him to shag the hell out of me :))) passion and stuff. i know sitri isn t gonna get me married with this guy.


I’ve been doing some work with Sitri recently and while he has helped me to evolve into what I would consider to be a more attractive person, I haven’t had results when working with Sitri on a specific guy so I’m trying to work out a new approach to the situation.

I’ve seen people recommend Duke Sallos for relationships but I’m curious about which other Goetic demons can help a girl get the guy? A lot of the demonic descriptions only mention helping men attract women.


none, IMO. I ve been struggling with that shit for too long. Ain t gonna fall for this again and i don t recommend using demons to get a specific person as it might have seriously bad repercusions on the long run. you can ask Sitri to help you find love,and a serious relashionship; or Sitri to get you laid good , etc .


i meant sallos for relashionship


Sitri is a lust demon, not a love demon. Sallos would have been more appropriate


Hey, something similar happened to me, my things went well with one person and after wanting to spice up the thing with the spirits, the opposite happened to me. It is a very curious shit


Sallos is very helpful . I have very recent experience with Sallos, he helped me and my boyfriend, we hadn’t had sex in like 2 weeks and we finally saw each other the other night and had the most passionate sex that we’ve had in a long time. I really enjoyed it :slight_smile: he’s awesome at what he does


Sallos is the man ! :+1:t3::+1:t3::crocodile::heart:️


hmmmm. makes me question things again and tbh i m kinda mad


I envy u girl! Yea Sallos delivered for me some years ago He then went second base with me lol. was my only incubus encounter. he is DA MAN :stuck_out_tongue:


Its pretty simple,
Next time just put your finger in his butt,
And like Arnie, after he cums,
He’ll be back.

But honestly, maybe Sitri was teaching you a lesson, in order to push you to do things to make you more attractive.

As a rule, and as a piece of practical advice,
Stimulate all 5 senses.
Okay what the fuck do i mean by that?

  1. Smell.
  2. Touch.
  3. Sight.
  4. Hearing.
  5. Taste

Put drops of relevant Essential oils in a bottle of your favourite perfumes. Get some perfume that people dont know about and smells amazing, shit they have never smelled before, completely alien(examples serj luten stuff has got to be smelled to be believed), remember woods for men, flowers for women. Aphrodisiacs include ylang ylang and patchouli or rose(put some of these essentials oils in your perfume… place the perfume on pulse points including wrists where the pulse is and also behind the ears which also have pulse points, this will emanate the smells continually as each beat of your heart forces the scent outwards.
Into your immediate environment.
So with an aphrodisiac scent…you can turn them on(wether they know it or not) just by smell

Wear clothes that are nice to the touch, but for the male, they need to look nice to the touch, satin, silk maybe or other materials so that in their minds they will want to touch, why? So its harder to keep their hands off you.

Aesthetics… why do some art pieces look better then others?
There is a science to the eyes…it is drawn to certain shapes,lines and curves, colors and also contrasts.
High contrast:
Dark eye shadow will DRAW the eye to towards it on white skin,
colors that complement each other, cleavage is another example of lines which are pleasing to look at etc.
Turn your self into a piece of art…outfits, clothes and makeup.
Pink…Pink emanates femininity…any shade…but generally the brighter shade…the higher the emanation of female energy(in my experience).
Red…the color red causes your heart beat to speed up and your pulse to quicken, it is a physiological response that cannot be avoided…simply by looking at it, this is color psychology…this is why all sales ads have RED in them, to put consumers into an emotional state, making them stupid so they buy.
Red clothes etc or red lipstick will cause this…without question

Before they look at you they need to hear you.
If they cant see you because you are behind them, they will hear you, boom you are already in their head, before they have even seen you.
HEELS…Wear high heels or shoes with heels on them, either man or woman it does not matter.

Get some chocolate, honey or other taste, and eat it before kissing.
So every time you kiss you have a taste in your mouth (even better if its a taste they like, so everytime they taste of strawberries or whatever it is they will think of you, also mints but meh…obvious your trying too hard!)
This applies with oral sex too(edible lube etc). Depends how far you want to take it.

The first 4 senses are what you can stimulate just walking down the street.
Taste comes after interaction.

The reason you want to combine all of these things is so when you see someone, this creates an impression.
What exactly is an impression?
You are a candle…the candle is your mind…
I am here to leave a mark in your wax…

The more of your senses I stimulate the softer your wax becomes, and the harder I press my seal into your wax.

This impression is like a wave of energy you hit the person with to incite attraction or leave an impression.
The more senses you stimulate and include the more energy you hit them with.

Some people only stimulate 1 or 2 senses, sight and smell.
If you hit all 4, you become a delight to the senses.
They stack like dominoes.

Besides that, learn to talk dirty,
By talking dirty you are forcing pictures into the mind of the other person.

Their mind is your canvass,
Your words are the paint brush which to paint upon their canvass.

Easier to text dirty talk if your new to it then talk it, that comes after, it really comes down to courage and confidence with dirty talk, so be bold.
Women are more receptive then men to dirty talk(long story).

Tell him you want him, to rub your Voluptuous velvet bean before he parts your silk flesh curtains with his fiery nodule of might etc.(velvet and silk stimulating touch also, via the audio sense)
Blend poetry with downright nasty shit.

Anyways hope that helps!
Stay moist…and dont forget the balls.



In my experience, as I know it, Sitri is good if you want your boyfriend to fuck other guys; or, if you want your girlfriend to fuck other girls. Other than that, Beleth is the king for what your looking for. Remember, he “enflameth men with women’s love, or enflameth women with men’s love”.


Wow. THANK YOU. What an interesting post. I will definetly keep that in mind and I think all women should. I honestly do 85 % of what u just wrote, minus the essential oil part. I just wear perfume instead . That night we shagged after almost a year i was litterally wearing a red satin robe and butt naked under it. I do the dirty talk always especially with him . I m a scorpio woman so sex is an art for me. He just seemed miles away. His mind wasn t there. That s why i summoned Prince SItri, to make him more into me . Instead ,things ended. I mean wtf. He persued me for so long , we ve had explosive sex before , so I know he can… I still think his ex has him on some spell. If i d show u a picture of me and of him you d be surprised too…

Hum…i always thought Sitri is a lust demon. To incite passion between the summoner and his target.

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Far be it for me to claim I know everything. I most certainly don’t. Far be it for me to claim I know everything. I most certainly don’t. However, my experiences with Beleth have produced for me many more results than any other in regards to lust.

I don t even know if i should try another ritual. mostly i perform sex magick, then summon a demon too, to make it more powerfull (for love&lust spells) i m not sure if i should abandon plan or go with another demon.

Have you thought about a no-sex date with this man, cooking him dinner and letting him talk, watch a really bad film he loves and then sending him home?

Maybe that is what he needs occasionally? Companionship not constant sexual stimulation? Just make him feel loved and cared for.

Just a thought. No rituals, no demons, just food, conversation and listening to him.


I would love that. We ve had non sex dates, a lot of them in the past, and last week too.however, it s not entirely up to me. he is kinda strange and a compulsive liar, makes me wanna treat him bad…ugh it s complicated. had it been a normal relashionship, no demons were needed.

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