Sitri for sexual attraction

Hello together,
I would like to boost my sexual life. I must be honest. As a teenager I was very shy and didnt have many girlfriends Now I am 33 years old and I want to take the time back. There is no specific girl. It would be nice when my sexual attractivity could be boosted. I sent money to India and to africa to help me. But no success. Im very disappointed. I read about sitri and how to connect with him. Im very scared to do this alone. Thats the reason why I paid for this service. But these „magicians“ were scammers. Is there anyone please who could help me to get a link to Sitri?

Sorry for my bad english. Im from Germany.

Thanks in Advance!



You can hire someone from the balg site

Ok. Thanks for your feedback. How can I get to this balg?

I would be more scared of letting someone else do magick for you. I had to reverse some pretty bad stuff thinking I was getting help from someone with my best intention in mind.

Theres nothing to be afraid of especially when you do it yourself.

Thanks for your feedback. You are right. Can you tell me how can I easily get connected to Sitri? What do I need to do?

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You don’t need Sitri for sexual attraction.

Pick up a copy of Energy Work by Robert Bruce.

Learn to sense, and to move, the bio-energy of your body. Then, imprint your intention for sexual attraction into your aura and energetic body, and go about your life. Your own power will attract sexual partners to you.


Love/attraction spells should be done by you not anyone else you need to work with your own energy. I suggest getting a spell kit that way it’s cost effective you have all the ingredients and instructions. Good luck.

You can write prince sitri a letter and ask him for help