Sinister Shamanism and Heathen Grimoire

Hey all,

Just curious If anyone here has taken the sinister shamanism course or bought the Heathen Grimoire by Asbjorn Torvol. I cant seem to find any posts or reviews about it.

I was looking at picking up both this and EAKs Norse pathworkinf course, but I wasnt sure which one to get first.

If anyone has experience with these or knows where a review is posted, I would appreciate it.

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Just asking once again, but didnt want to spam a new thread.

Has anyone taken EAs Norse Pathworking course and could share their review? I’m close to pulling the trigger on ordering (honestly if there had been any kind of black Friday sale I would have got it already even without being able to find any kind of review). But I have been searching far and wide and cant find a single review of this course.

I purchased Sinister Shamanism and the Heathen book and was slightly disappointed. The book was 90% material from 2 of Asbjorns other books, and the shaman course was mostly 3 rituals that he already has in full on YouTube for free. So I feel like I paid a lot of money for content I already have.

So I’m feeling hesitant now about spending even more money on EAs Norse course when I cant find any reviews at all.

So I’m just going to be completely honest with you, because I respect the truth more than anything.

The only real book you need (this is just my current assessment with BALG ONLY) is the “Lessons of a Young Heathen” the free ebook.

Why is that? Because it first and foremost goes over the bare bones basics. Secondly, most of anything else out there, is regurgitation that you can in all seriousness find online and on YouTube. Aside from my Altar I think the most I’ve spent on books is like 30-40$ and that wasn’t even on the courses or anything.

If anything, the only book I would by at this point is the Sinister Shamanism and that’s IF you want to use psychoactive herbs and plants that aren’t normally discussed in depth in your practices.