Sinister Ambience - Recommendations for Indoor Workings

Occasionally like to employ some ambient tracks during the work, or even something like a lightning storm or howling wind can provide suitable white noise. Here are some groups/artists below that give an interesting ambience:

Lamia Vox
Allan Spiers

If you have suggestions, do share. Thanks.

We already have multiple threads for music suggestions. Please use the search function.

I really like the Cryochamber yt channel for Dark Ambient. They showcase a lot of different artists and have a livestream that lasts for hours, which is also on Twitch.


Thanks. there are few good ones from Cyro Chamber. Also I like those 40K Warhammer chants, Horror Soundscapes, Monastery of the Void, and DarkHouse Ambient. Paleowolf is okay but doesn’t quite get what I am looking for.

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