Simultaneously cursing the spirit of poverty while breaking the karma of those in poverty

Ideas on how this could be done?

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I don’t think poverty has a spirit, mate. And I don’t believe in karma.

What would be the material purpose of this?

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To lift others out of oppression.

The only way I can think of, is to curse the people behind the factors keeping people in poverty, and then try to tackle the idea of karma, perhaps trying to somehow replace karma with awareness in the minds of the people in oppression.

Or a spell related to the story of The Prince and the Pauper.

This approach is too negative, what you fight gets stronger just by the fact that you think it has power… “they’re poor and have bad karma and are all ignorant about it” so you support the manifestation that makes it so.

Instead, bless them to bring them wealth and awareness. Look at them and see the positive and the ways in which they are rich and happy. Put your energy into that.

I don’t believe in karma either, but I think other people’s energetic connections are none of your business. It’s your judgement that they have bad energy, but maybe they don’t. Shit happens. They’re not children, they are sovereign and have not given you permission to mess with their energy, you don’t know if they’re spiritually working on something, so it’s not a good idea to interfere when you don’t know why or what the problem is, you could even make it worse.


Great points @Mulberry , will do.

It is all a personal work and journey, anyone wanting out will need to do this themselves or need to be dependent on relatives that take this responsibility.
I have personally done this for myself coming from extreme poverty, but at times I see how falling back would be so easy, it would only need a few mishaps. Anyone not aware of what they’re doing will not magically change.
There are too many factors here to be calculated and to do magick on, like who is this spirit, who’s karma and why, if you remove this but their personal work was not done then they will attract something even worse, are they ready to not be poor( I know this sounds weird, but many people are actually tied to their misery in a way that when it moves out of their life they start to miss it and subconsciously invoke it back in).
Someone needs to be responsible with money the moment they get out of poverty for example and be around the right people and have a different mindset and financial education. Unless you give everyone in the world their own paid off home and a garden that grows all people need and free education. but too many IFS and questions.
The idea speaks of a kind heart though :slight_smile:
It would be possible if this was very targeted work like on yourself or a partner with great awareness of self and patterns, but on a grand scale no, unless you got the power to influence global politics into changing humanity for the better


People are going to hate on this, but I keep hearing over and over again from wealthy people how your network is your networth. The other thing I hear over and over again is how you need to hire people to do stuff for you and delegate. These a really hard truths to deal with coming from a middle class background where you are “supposed to be careful who you associate with” and “do everything yourself.”

What I see a lot from poor people is a difficulty of cutting toxic people out of their lives, and living in places where the jobs they get pay less than the cost of living. (but somehow they think the location is worth it for social reasons, either family or “social connections”, who are mostly unsupportive.)


Great points.

Wealth and genuine developmental aid. :slightly_smiling_face:
Okay, seriously now: there is no true poverty or wealth but only temporary experiences. As we can see, some born into wealth lost it all (you’d only hear about the more famous ones) and some born into poverty become rather wealthy (again, the media will show only the more popular cases). These are just temporal experiences of consciousness that can be changed with a genuine change in consciousness. Ultimately, the rich and poor go to the same place on earth, i.e. 6 feet under, and beyond that, it’s open for debate. Money is a tool for exchange – nothing more. Even in this illusion of a “world”, the greater power is knowledge because that makes real change even in the illusion. Money can do fuck-all beyond the point of facilitating exchange and creating a “store” of perceived value.

So, perhaps the greatest curse on poverty consciousness would be knowledge and abundance consciousness. Once that stabilises in the human psyche this world will change beyond our ability to comprehend from this vantage point. In fact, it’s already happening. Of course, nasty experiences will still occur and everything finite is relative so it will not necessarily mean a utopia but, rather, a higher-grade material existence.