Simple Thoughtform for Getting Your Message Out aka RedTapeCutterNo1

I created this simple thoughtform to help get past the bullshit and “Red Tape” bureaucratic nonsense, to expose the truth and see that justice is done.

Name: #HitDaSpot


  • Get my message out to the “right people” (That is, people who actually give a shit and can do something!)
  • Cut through the bullshit procedures, “Red Tape” bureaucratic nonsense, and politics.
  • Expose the truth.

It is a thoughtform sigil.

When you use it, you can attach it as a small logo/icon to an email or text. The servitor/thoughtform will empower the message and make sure you are heard. You can further empower it with your own rituals, gods, energy etc. for your own purposes.

I know it looks like “The Flash” sign or the logo on Sheldon’s shirt from the “Big Bang”. Those were inspirations. And, the #MeToo movement. How that movement just took off so quickly!


Thank you, I’m using this right now with the radionics software.

Good idea, thank you, it will be useful indeed. :+1:

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Thanks Smart !

Let’s see if I can incorporate this into my new Instagram to draw in people. Thanks.

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I’m going to put this somewhere in my government office. Lots of BS going on all around me.