Simple spell to make somebody hate?

Our roommate is my boyfriend’s best friend. But he is a toxic piece of trash. He does literally nothing. Treats me like a slave. And feeds lies about me into my boyfriend’s ear constantly. Whenever my boyfriend is mad at him he somehow manages to make him swing all that anger and more at me. It’s caused me so much distress that I’ve attempted suicide many many MANY times before I came to BALG. Im amazed that Im still here.

So tonight. Just now. He made my boyfriend mad at me. And got away with reprimanding me about how I apparently don’t take care of my boyfriends health! Roomate sits there and wants to eat extra cheese pizza layered in pepperoni and bacon all day, when I suggest we eat sushi or something made with veggies! (Greasy food makes me excessively sick.)

I want a spell to make my boyfriend see how Wyatt truly is. And act accordingly and deservingly to his negative behaviors. (Even even tried to break down our front door in a fit of rage. And THAT got turned on me!) This needs to be stopped. Please help me with anything you can. Thank you.

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Curse him. i recommend Sraagbel, the Demon of Hallucination, found in Kingdoms of Flame.

He can “show men the awful truth of things. In this, friends are shown to be deceivers, subordinates are known to be conspirators and even the victim will despise himself for the truths that can no longer be hidden.”


Sounds like a good idea to me. Does he have a sigil or is there a thread with instructions on contacting him?

He does indeed have as seal. It’s in EA’s grimoire Kingdoms of Flame. Do you have a copy?

If you don’t, I will upload one. I don’t think it has been posted to the forum before.


Could you also PM it to me please ? :smiley:

Why PM if I upload to the forum? You can just get it from here :slight_smile:

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Okay, since @SpaceTravelr wants it too, here it is:


Thankyou ! :smiley::smiley:


You’re welcome :slight_smile:


Honestly sounds like your boyfriend is also a problem… He can’t see things are wrong? He’s not aware of your feelings? He doesn’t listen to you about Wyatt?


Thank you :slight_smile:

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“this spirit visits the enemies of the sorcerer in visions or dreams,plaguing them with hellish fear”

that sounds amazing for me,defenetly on my evocation list


Is there some way to ensure that the victim is aware of where the tortured dreams are coming from?


Oh whoops. I didn’t realize I slipped in his name in the post. I was in a hurry when I wrote it so my fingers must have slipped… :grimacing:

But, I dont know, it’s weird. He’ll listen to me one minute then seem like we never spoke about it the next as soon as he interacts with him. But also he gives everyone else slack but will give me a hard time for absolutely everything.

It’s like he has some hold over my boyfriend. Even when his girlfriend broke up with him my boyfriend was just as upset, or more, about it. To the point that he had a breakdown and clawed his face madly with his own nails (he sent me a picture when I lived away. And he still has scars.) If you brought up her name he’d freak out too.

But he hated her. Like he really hated her. But he showed all the feelings roomate should have had on the inside. But on the outside.

Oh yes. And my favorite part is that he claims to be a Satanist when he talks to people. Dont know if he does do any magick behind our backs but something is definitely weird with him. Also hes very violent towards me. Hes even beaten and slapped me. But my boyfriend who’s bigger than him doesnt do anything even though nobody else gets away with even calling me a bad name.

I’m sorry about the domestic violence you’ve endured. It is definitely a weird situation. I don’t trust your boyfriend. Almost sounds like something might be going on between him and Wyatt o.O

Anyway my advice is to meditate and try to follow your own inner guidance. Ask yourself: Is this relationship/living situation right for you? Should you leave? If so, what are the steps you would need to take to leave and where would you go? And work on manifesting a better situation for yourself. Best of luck!

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I mean they do act kind of like that. It’s weird. Like he sleeps in my boyfriends bed with him. Even though he has his own room. With his own bed.

But then on the complete other end. My bf went out of his way to buy me a very nice bed frame and mattress for my own use and nobody else is allowed to even sit on it. While his mattress is so pancaked you can only feel springs. And his frame is falling apart.

And even though we’re together and my bed is set up in his room, he gave me my own bedroom to do whatever I want in (that’s where I meditate and do summoning stuff) he treats me like a queen and adores me like a goddess. But then when roomates’s around it’s like a cloud covers my bf. To the point where when I try to even talk to him about something small he literally doesn’t hear me. I dont know. It’s weird.

And he also lays claim to anything he enjoys. He treats my truck that I bought entirely by myself before moving here as if it belongs to him. He stole my TV for the longest time so Jeff bought me a new one for my last birthday. He tried to steal my bed. He tried to steal my room. He has major issues and I dont trust him. So if I summon Sraagbel I think it would be for the best for my bf to see through him.

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Why you even accepting these things? Stop putting yourself so low. The fact your boyfriend bought you a new bed (or whatever else) means nothing when he won’t even defend you against his bff which he got physically violent towards you. Some times, some people, are easily manipulated by others and it doesn’t mean they have a spell or spirit on them. They have just placed these people really high, higher than you. What’s the point to have any kind of relationship with someone that doesn’t even have the guts and will to defend you or/and keep you safe against your abusers?

P.S. Next time this bully dares to raise his hand on you, call the police.

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Use should consider renaming your targets or better yet creating a sigil for them. Never refer to them by first or last name. This will help you from actually using their real name

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Hi OP! So the big thing here is the police. If you know this guys about to do something, have the number ready. Don’t threaten him with it- just call.

And honestly, this guy sounds like a shit. Did you notice that, even though he’s been an entitled thief and abusive in every level of the word, the spell you asked for was to get your boyfriend to see something and act? And how nobody punishes this guy and he somehow gets away with everything?

This reeks of karmic imbalance, AKA this is one shady Sammy. Have you noticed anything weird around or in him, maybe in dreams? Do different people use similar words to describe or around him?

The course of action you might’ve decided on could be satisfying, but that sounds more like a side effect and not something you should base all your efforts around manifesting.

Luckily this little devil knows no shortage of fun guys and the ways they have their fun. So if you’d like, OP, I can post all the methods and madness here, or I can privately send you some sigils to open.

‘Cheater cheater lemon eater, oh why are you such a squealer?’

This is a guy I would suggest using for target practice. You have the rare opportunity to create a satisfying test dummy. Why give it up? :slight_smile:


For some reason that I cannot understand EVERYONE loves him! He was the most popular person in school. Everyone he works with loves him. It’s not right!

Tbh no matter what, no matter how entranced my bf seems to get with him, there’s one thing that snaps him out of it and makes him defend me against him. He will not react to me saying things, as if I dont exist to him.

He’s very weird and tries to even steal my own mannerisms. I’d really appreciate you PMing me the stuff. He has caused so much annoyance and negative energy since I’ve moved here. He’s such a miserable husk of a being that he deserves to be a dummy.

Btw as a side note. Aside from him claiming to be a satanist he tries to talk about how much he loves Azazel. I dont know much about him, but with how he behaves I can only assume Azazel would smack him. But yeah. He oozes weirdness and toxic energy.

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