Simple Prayer of Thanks To Lilith

Simple Prayer of Thanks to Lilith

“Oh Blessed Dark Lady Lilith, Mother Of Demons, who brought forth the most dangerous of broods to plague mankind, holder of the black womb, who shines her guiding light upon the chosen at the darkest of their times. I praise you!”
“Great Queen Of Hell, who with the darkest of sisterhood’s, rules at Satan’s side, I thank you for all that you do, for obstacles that make me grow & smooth roads too. Mighty demonic seductress, ruler of vampires and the succubai, Goddess of Witches and all that they practice, Hail to Thee”
“Seducer of the pious, beautiful and deadly She-Wolf, both worshiped and feared in this mortal realm, Dark Lady Lilith, I praise you”
“May you remain in my life and side, to direct, govern, protect and guide, I thank you and I praise you. Hail to thee!”


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