Simple English Demonic Evocation Guide

thank you for your help :}
could you recommend me some techniques for conjuring some lesser demons or creatures

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Same as above.

@Lady_Eva do you think that evocation can be used to evoke angels? After some modifications of course.

Yes, it should be adaptable for any being, I used demons in this example because that’s the most common request on here.

Just make sure you have something to link you, like the angel’s sigil, or recite their name until you feel the link.

Angelic energy can be very overwhelming, so be careful.


Hi @Lady_Eva , I hope you’re having a wonderful time. I’m super new in these things, so is this guide useful for me? I’ve been reading and searching in this forum to find out a proper way to evoke and I read different methods so I got confused what to do?! And I really can’t buy any Magic related book in my country(Iran) and my English isn’t that good too. So I would be grateful if you could help me?! I want to work with King Paimon BTW, I’ve already bought lots of expensive and delicious chocolate and purple candles and blackish purple market for drawing his sigil, what next?!

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Welcome @Pixie_Boy. Please introduce yourself in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about yourself and any experience you may have in magick. It is a rule of this forum.

Oh I know that it can be overwhelming. But I am energetically thick-skinned :rofl: so it must be some big for me to feel it. (I don’t tell that i’m tough guy, more that i don’t feel much)

Yes, this may also be helpful:

Yes, do the evocation method I described, and use the marker pen to draw his sigil and use the candles during the evocation.

You could write the sigil out the night before if you have a private place like your bedroom, place the chocolates ON the sigil, and leave that overnight as an offering to him.

Leave them out overnight, or ideally, 3 days if it is safe ( if there is no possibility that children or pet animals may find them).

Afterwards, in the morning wrap them in a piece of clean white paper and place them in the household trash, he will have enjoyed the energy of the offerings and also the consideration and care spent choosing them, and the sacrifice of not taking them for yourself. :slight_smile:

And please do an intro, as @DarkestKnight has asked above, it’s a very important rule on here. :+1:


This post was incredible helpful. Thank you :metal:


Dear Lady Eva,

Thank you for your help in formulating this with great details. We truly appreciate it. I do have one question. At what stage during evocation, does one provide offerings? I definitely want to offer the spirit something during this evocation. And at what stage do I say after giving the small offering that a bigger offering will be provided once the spirit has helped.

Lastly, I want to offer blood on the sigil as a gift for all the spirits that I evoke. Is there any harm or do the spirits do not like blood offering as a gift?

Thank you once again for sharing the knowledge.



When you have gone through to the point where you are visualising the spirit, once you feel they are present, or the shape you are visualising begins to move, or appears to be alive, that is a good time to:

  1. state your request

  2. make the offering, and

  3. explain more will be theirs if they can fulfil the request.

Most like it, but it is one of the strongest offerings and it might bind you to the spirit, so wait until they have delivered on the requests a few times and earned this, do not offer blood upfront because then there is nothing left for them to earn, and you will have created a link that can be difficult to sever.

I almost never offer blood, and if I do it’s as a serious commitment linking me to that spirit.


You are truly gifted with the knowledge. Thank you so much. I am going to evoke Sitri or Sallos for love work tonight. Can I use any color candles (white or red) while evoking? I have plenty of them so I asked. Thank you once again.


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Yes, you can use white (or black) for most things, red is good for love as well. :+1:

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@Lady_Eva what if the demon doesn’t have an enn

In that case, use their name, call “Come, N. and appear before me” three times. :+1:


Do I have to enter tgs for this whole thing @Lady_Eva

It’s best to use the method given for now, of imagining the spirit’s form, and watching for any changes, you may get a less intense experience BUT you will begin to enter the correct state over time.

I never learned TGS, because I started a long time ago, and this method is a very condensed explanation of how I learned evocation of spirits as a child.


Personally I’m starting to visualize Belial (in order to, maybe, proceed with the other 8 Gatekeepers) in front of me, but for now outside of evocation… At the moment I’m strengthening the contact with him by repeating name, enn etc., the whole “thing” indeed feels right :slight_smile:


This is a golden egg


@Lady_Eva great post quite helpful and with lots of adaptability. However the part that intruiged me most, was the reference to the banishing / cleansing, and how it was done, I’m very used to using tools for cleansing (shaman’s stick, herbs, oils,) and preventative measures (charms, spells, salts etc) but I presume since you are visualising the ball of light you’d be using your energy for that. Which makes me wonder will this be effective for everyone, particularly for those that don’t have much experience in energy manipulation, or much control over their own energy fields? I’m also curious about what (if any) effect would a person’s own energy have on this? Is it more powerful for white witches? Is it less powerful if your energy is exceedingly negative? All in all wonderful post, and I’d really appreciate any answers to my curiosity TY!