Simple and fundamental questions about God god and gods

Straight to it, God the big G, the Architect, the Cosmos, the Uno, the 0, the unamed, the quantum vacuum, the infinite etc etc etc
This force that created everything including duality is very often referred as a side of the force what i think is very wrong, is referred to want this, to want that, to make this in order to that, and on and on…
I believe and think by my studies the God with the big G created the universe and thats it, FINAL period.
What people talk here in the forum about Metatron, Lucifer, Balrog, Serafins , demons, devas etc etc etc all of this is the levels of reality and conscious, and all of that is “below” “inside” the big G.
Now assuming that this “gods” beings such as Michael archangel, Lucifer are somehow summoned or contacted, why they have interesting in helping us with our little problems?
What motivate this little gods help us?
What they do in free time?
What they are pursuing for themselves in this other dimensions?

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They pity us?

I dont think there is any time but they have duties and responsibilities, commandings legions etc

They like to teach you to self grow and watch you grow battling our own wars

I see I’m not the only one who has a Qabalistic wordlview in this forum

Isn’t pity too human, i mean even we have a lack of it sometimes, some people can see a dog starving on the street and just keep walking…

If they like to watch us grow so its like we are entertainment to them, like we like to see a video game character get better weapons gear and skills… Humm actually this make more sense to me now…

Actually it depends on the demon, some of them like to fuck with us and some has some respect for humans or i would like to say more like human friendly

You can find some answers here

Yes “some” people
“some” demons will ignore if they dont give a shit

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and i haven’t come across a big G

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