Similar site like ebay for Occult items?

Eventually I would like to start making occult items to sell and was wondering if there is a website similar to ebay and etsy for this type of thing? I am somewhat doubtful because we make up about .0000000027% of the population. Haha.

I buy occult stuff on eBay, and my sweetie buys all kinds of weird stuff he collects. They show up high on any search page and IMO that beats using a niche market. Etsy do lots of fringe/weird stuff, especially hand-made. So don’t rule them out! :slight_smile:

Sounds like good advice :). Today I posted an altar I made to both. I am sure someone around the world will buy it, lol.

Bonanza is you best bet to sell/buy occult stuff…

So what is the recent rule change with Etzy and EBay? Is it just no performing spells for coin? No spell kits?
BTW, jboy, is your new avatar a photo of something you made?

[quote=“Lilithflower, post:5, topic:5973”]So what is the recent rule change with Etzy and EBay? Is it just no performing spells for coin? No spell kits?
BTW, jboy, is your new avatar a photo of something you made?[/quote]

It’s a total hit and miss actually… Its supposed to be nothing new age related i guess, more focusing on spells and readings, but like a few others said, they can still have things like christian prayer beads and those don’t get taken down

And some of the more popular shops stayed while I noticed smaller ones were immediately pulled

Spell kits is iffy… as long as you word it to where its not promising miraculous results or changes I think you can still have those up

Ebay made the change first, then etsy followed, but it’s no magickal services like spells for money, no divinatory readings, you can list spell kits but only if you list them as prayer kits instead of “spell” kits, and you can sell any metaphysical item you like as long as you don’t promise any results like “This spell candle will bring you luck or money”. You have to instead say something like “ancient folklore suggests this candle can be used to obtain good luck, but results are not promised or guaranteed by this seller”.

I don’t sell on etsy, and I only sell toys and clothes on ebay. I use a different site that still allows you to sell spell kits, tarot readings, and spell services. The owner told me personally, that his number one goal is to NEVER be anything like ebay or etsy. And the fees and rules are nowhere near as ridiculous as ebay or etsy’s. Not even close to it. But I don’t like to share the name of that site publicly for a few reasons.

Spells and prayers are essentially the same things but in different formats. So if this truly was not a discriminatory thing then why is it okay to list a kit by the name of prayer kit which is a religious term, but not okay to call it a spell kit, a non-religious term? Yeah, non-discriminatory my ass!

[quote=“Lilithflower, post:5, topic:5973”]So what is the recent rule change with Etzy and EBay? Is it just no performing spells for coin? No spell kits?
BTW, jboy, is your new avatar a photo of something you made?[/quote]

You can sell whatever you want on etsy as long as it is a physical item. You cannot sell “spellwork” or “conjure” for people. If you sell a reading it needs to be delivered in an electronic format such as a picture or pdf.

I went to the etsy forums and there are quite a few sellers over there saying they are being asked to change their spell kit titles to say prayer kit instead. One even said she had an evocation type kit for a demon and was asked to change the name demon to spirit instead. Anyone that sells a physical item is being asked not to promise results but they are allowed to put that info in their listing if they write something like results not practical, not guaranteed, for entertainment only, or something about the results only being a folklore suggestion. So in a way they are asking some people to either tell buyers the item may not won’t work or that it is a myth (folklore).

I know not everyone is affected by this, they are either giving people warnings as they come across their items or only targeting the smaller shops that don’t bring in buisness, but something is amiss about this. I know a woman that said her shop was not affected at all and she also sells spell casting services but she refers to them as blessing services instead, again the person who uses the word blessing service (religious thing) instead of spell casting service (non-religious), is allowed to keep her products on there. This is definitely discriminatory. Because I also spoke to someone on facebook that sold on etsy, he had over 1,200 sales and something like 738 feedback reviews all positive, and his shop was suspended because he sold only LHP and black magick themed services and items.

He said he had 451 products listed, most of which were for wands with black crystals and inverted pentagram designs, plus some voodoo type mojo bags, and trinkets but he did offer over 100 types of spell casting services and he was banned without warning. So, they suspend the guy with LHP magick products and services but not the happy sunshine wiccan selling RHP services. I mean, with that many sales and happy customers, and that many products on hand you know that guy was paying a shitload of money to etsy for listing and selling fees and they kicked him to the curb and did not reimburse him at all for deleting his listings 2-3 months before they expired.


That LHP seller must have had complaints. I have items listed as being necromancy and LHP and etsy has given me no problems. The items I was told to remove were intangible items. I dealt with an etsy rep who was very kind to offer me suggestive advice on how to change my listings to fit the new criteria. Because of how helpful etsy was for me and that they gave me the opportunity to come in line with their policies I doubt that it has to do with LHP or RHP content.

It could just be down to different individual employees looking at each case - get a good one who’s open-minded enough to be helpful because s/he cares about the job and making sure sellers don’t get screwed, you have one type of experience - get an employee who is a fanatical Xian or something, and they’re going to interpret or even manipulate the rules to clamp down on anyone they can.

We think of big organisations and so on as monolithic forces, but it’s always down to some individual human, their mood that day and their overall personality, how we get treated.

Luckily, “there’s an app for that”… :slight_smile:

jboy im interested in occult items. what kinds of items you plan on selling.

[quote=“surefire1, post:4, topic:5973”]Bonanza is you best bet to sell/buy occult stuff…[/quote] where is this bonanza website.

Yes, what Lady Eva said is very true. Sometimes people don’t care about job expectations, they live by their own set of rules based on their religion and moral values. I have had this happen to me. A friend of mine needed something she went to the place she need to go and the employee gladly and quickly helped her with no questions asked. So I thought, okay I will do this too. The employee I got stuck with said I can’t help you we don’t do that here so I said, I know for a fact you do because two of my friends came in here the other day and asked for the same thing and they were granted it with no problems.

So I know YOU CAN do this for me but I think you are just being biased for some reason. Is it the way I look, because of my tattoos and piercings? Or are you just too lazy to do the needed paperwork for this right now? She said excuse me? I said, you heard me! You cannot tell me that your company does not do this for people, you have done it many times before, do I need to get a handful of my friends to come in here and testify this? Better yet, I want to speak to someone else who is not going to discriminate against me. I see what’s going on here. I have tattoos, a metal band shirt, piercings and you refuse to help me but my friends don’t have tattoos and such yet you personally were the one who granted this request to one of these friends the other day, and you are wearing a cross necklace, you have a set of praying hands on your desk, so this is a discrimination thing based on your christian values.

She said, you leave my religion out of this! I said, you leave my appearance out of this and I will. Hehehe. Then I told her, you are very unprofessional and if I have too I will file a discrimination complaint against you to the appropriate agency. You know what, I want your boss. She refused, she said I’m not going let someone like you try to get me fired over doing the right thing? I said someone like me, okay so you just admitted by your choice of words, this is a discriminatory thing. And doing the right thing?

I am only asking you to do your job, what you get paid to do, the same thing that everyone here does for everyone else without hesitation. So what’s wrong about asking you do something you are being paid to do? Is it only wrong because god forbid you help a non-christian that looks like me? It’s not like I’m asking you to rob a bank for me. But she told me I was beign unruly and to leave so I asked the employee at the desk in the next office, where is your supervisor because this lady is refusing to help me based on a difference in religious beliefs. The manager came out and within 5 minutes, I got exactly what I came for with no hesitation from him.

On the way out, I was very angry and couldn’t resist so I waved the paperwork in front of that lady’s face and said oh really, you don’t do this here? Uh huh, you need to be fired you religious nazi bitch, and walked out. So yeah, some people do make choices based on their beliefs, mood, etc. I think people who do that should be fired from their jobs unless they are working in an organization that holds the same beliefs as them and everyone there is okay with them basing their decisions on their beliefs.

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Yes, Lilithflower, I made the altar top in the picture. Darrin: Mainly I plan to make items that are made of wood: Altars, Sigils, and other such things. I want to make things with entities names on them, but want to get their blessing first so I don’t fuck myself inadvertently. But that is a challenge because I am having trouble evoking anything (at least that I can sense). So for now I’m just doing things that are related to symbols, etc. Regarding Etsy and Ebay. My altar is on both and they haven’t given me any shit. I am sure that is because it is an item and not an intangible thing like a spell.

Well if my listed metaphysical items on etsy or ebay, they wouldn’t give me any problems over it either. I sell handmade pendulums, hand sewn mojo pouches, pouches attached to necklaces (comes in handy if you have to carry a sigil around for a few days), gemstones, altar goodies, wands, just the usual stuff but mine is handmade too. And I don’t promise anything like “my wand will give you great power”. So I’d be fine too.

But for other reasons that only people who have sold on all marketplace venues and have been doing it for years know about, i will never list on Etsy again, and it has nothing to do with the metaphysical stuff. I only sold handmade hair bows and earrings on etsy anyway.

I don’t think about it when old people get offended about religious appearances or a spiritual nut case,youd think I was from another country.i love spiritualism.anything spiritual,weird or nerdy im tuning into it. spiritualism can be dark and some of the experiances ive had with my experiaments have made me worried that maybe I did something that I don’t remember,personal things that have happened have been so dark that I don’t trust my self and worry that maybe something happened that I would regret,but just like a stunt man or a lion tamer at a circus they can get brutally injured and still go back for more.the dangers and excitement cant get it out of their system.people that get offended easily are usually insecure morons that have a one dimensional view.ive noticed that its mostly white people that cant get past this god vs the devil mentality.other cultures the people practice occultism and attend church.its only white American culture that has to make it either Satanism or Christianity.i read it obsessed with occultism and religion,spiritualism. I love to hear preaching mad men that scream that the end is near.i love to hear sermons about demons and angels.but I also like to read and hear about working with these spirits,haunted places anything mystical,psychic or just plain nerdy or weird.i don’t think that I have to choose a category to be in,i don’t have to do what others say.since were on the subject of others that get offended about appearances and all that.

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Any recommended sellers over there?[/quote]

Any recommended sellers over there?[/quote]

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