Signs of possession?

Are there any obvious signs of possession? I would explain why I’m asking this but I need to be sure first.


Possession by what? Did the subject agree to it? Do they do practice magick? Have openings in their psyche? Drug addiction, depression?

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I’m not sure by what but it’s definitely a being. And I don’t think so. I haven’t made any agreements on possession yet.

What kind of possession? It seems like there are different types. A possession can be empowering, while another can be a lower level negative entity that just feels like goofing off for a while.

How do you feel? Is it an energy that aligns with yours, or does it feel foreign to the point that you don’t even feel like yourself anymore and you want it gone?

Symptoms? That depends as well. If the entity came out of no where and you had never studied anything to do with the supernatural, then you would feel like you’re going crazy until you slowly but surely let the entity take a spot in your temple. This can be a slow process if you don’t have a clue what is going on.

If you wanted to become possessed, then I imagine it would be a lot more comfortable.


I don’t exactly know. I mean I don’t know anything about possession. That’s why I said I’m not exactly sure.

Why I think I’m possessed, if these count as symptoms, is because of the minor things that have suddenly started occuring. Like most describe as personality shifts, and sensing a different energy. I can’t say I’m comfortable with it, it’s just there and doesn’t… shift me in any way. It’s just that, I’ll find myslef speaking in a different way. Not an accent. Just a different tone. Someone will ask a question and I’ll unconsciously reply. In a different way than I normally do, as though I’ve become smarter or I’ve just turned into a “know it all” I’ll only realize what I said afterwards. And I’ll just comment on events and people’s words… There’s many more but I’ll just stop here for now. I don’t even understand myself at the moment.

There’s a noticable change in my personality and I just started doing… things I wouldn’t normally do.


I think a flat out possession would have more extreme symptoms.

It sounds like you are opening up your senses to receive more messages, though.

Only you really know what is going on.

As far as that goes, I feel you. Based on your description, something is definitely influencing you without your asking, or youre still maturing too, or both.

If you feel uneasy with anything around you, throw out a banishing.

Ive noticed similar things with myself, but I believe its due to my occult involvement and attempts at higher thought processing

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Such as?

Does doing things like randomly laughing, change of voice, laughing at death and people’s pain, getting a bit too excited on the topic of Demons, getting too excited at seeing the number 6, 66 etc, thinking that every Demon is my friend and that I know them, seeing things on demonology (not on the site), these things that Christians count as evil count as such? Because that’s some of the things that are happening. Also having random conversations with yourself? What I mean is that I’ll start talking to myself (I’m not crazy) and someone will reply, but I’ll notice that the conversation went on after it has ended. I don’t remember the words and sometimes the words won’t make sense. Also, while I’m “unaware” I’ll suddenly feel like talking to someone and expect them to reply but when I do become aware, I’ll stop and question what the hell went on. I’m sorry if this doesn’t make sense but I’m trying to word it in a clear way…


Yeah that sounds like the goofing off thing I was talking about.

My knowledge on that type of possession is limited.

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Could you further explain?

Peoples thought patterns and emotions change with time. Youre not the same person as you were when you were five, 10, 15 etc.

With the further detail given, id say cleanse yourself and do a banishing and see how it goes. You should be good after that

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You are definitely communicating with some sort of demon. It sounds like partial possession to me. As for the identity of the demon, sounds like it was sent from a greater demon you already have bonds with. Molding energy, familiarizing, exposing you more and more to their energy.

The fun part about lesser demons, or lesser-known demons though: they each have their own personality as well. Their own joys and pleasures. They do like to have a bit of “fun”, so to speak. It can be a wild card.

So, my personal observation: it seems you may be getting partially possessed. As the demon interacts with you, it influences you as well. Some of their personality can rub off on you.

I experience a very subtle possession when communicating with demons. They are external from me; however, the longer they are present, the more their energy permeates. Their energy flows around and connects with me. A subtle merging of sorts.