Sigils tutorial: First Evoking of a Goddess, God, Demon or Spirit with no known Sigil

Hi I would just like to say I KNOW I am not an expert on ANYTHING to do with any part of evoking but I was seeking help for the same problem myself and I was as to repost my question and solution as a type of tutorial. Although I am not really comfortable in giving advice but if no one before me stepped up when asked I would not be able to find any information about anything on here, so I figure if it helps one newbie like me it will be thanks to others who have got me this far.

So after following what Instructions or method given to you, you find a Goddess, God, Demon or Spirit for help, guidance, tutelage, healing so on BUT… There is no Sigil anywhere for them!!! PROBLEM!!!

Solution…… Lady Eva help!!! yup you know it!!! :rofl:

So I searched for “Kamea of Mercury” ended up with " Each kamea has a “seal,” which is a geometric diagram designed so as to touch upon all the numbers of the square. The seal is used in talismanic magic to represent the entire pattern square and to act as a witness or governor for them. The seal is the epitome or synthesis of the square." blar blar blar wtf are they on about…
anyway following the instructions I get a line of sorts. Yup so HELPFUL
So I thought wtf am I going to do now, so I thought I will have to make a couple up and get advise on it I feel you need to own things not be spoon feed. So I headed back to a SIGIL MAKING site I found so I tried a sigil for Goddess Eir and I didn’t gel with it as it was not much better than the first one so I thought wtf is it that I am trying to do, what is it purpose?

THE WHOLE POINT IS TO “To evoke the Goddess Eir in a respectful way”.
so I went back and put in “To evoke the Goddess Eir in a respectful way” I was thinking with the second one that way as I use or force as much of my energy into it as I can I am hoping it will send it in the right intention of respect? I was given this Sigil and I kinda like the feel of it and I know it is based on my GOOD intentions so I felt safer.

But not being one to pour petrol on a bonfire in my first evoking I sent another HELP what do you think to Lady Eva and the result is the reason for this tutorial of kinds…

So I stepped up, I hope it helps someone.


Brilliant, I think this is going to be useful to a lot of people, I definitely intend to try it myself on a couple of projects, and I have added it to the Unofficial Forum Tutorials Directory! :smiley:


Cool thank for all of your help so far.

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Something I would like to add, which is highly relevant to this method, is that attaching the god’s function to his or her name (Mercury Dolius is the example that comes to mind) is a rock-solid classical concept that you have encapsulated in an innovative new way by sigilising the sentence stating your intent. :+1:

So, I think this is useful for beginners and first evocation of a new deity, but also for more experienced people who want to work with one specific aspect of a god or goddess (or, office of any other kind of spirit, perhaps). I’m genuinely excited by this! :smiley:


Cool Idea I just re-did the SIGIL using “To evoke the Healer of Gods, Goddess Eir in a respectful way” and got the exact same SIGIL how cool is that? It is like some kind of verification… :slight_smile: Have a look


That sigil is incredibly, it looks like 4 different gates of some kind, or one of those pattern recognition IQ tests. It kind of does feel like a message in itself, to me. Very cool! :smiley:


You know, I’ve been curious about soemthing regarding sigils…do they necessarily HAVE to be angular or could they embody something of a more curvaceous nature?

As far, alot of ppl say it’s about intent, and let’s say I’m not the more gracious with a pen or creativity. So if I perhaps came across soemthing of this kind of nature (where a sigil is generated) but I wanted to put MY own touch to it and do it in a form i think a spirit might like, would THAT work just was well so long as the intent is in it?

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No, sigils don’t have to be angular. That is simply what you get when you trace the name upon a planetary or magick square. Straight lines are the quickest way from point to point, after all.

I don’t see why you couldn’t make it curvilinear if it felt right to you.

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Ah, ok then. A simple means to and end I suppose huh?