So i just had a question ive been wondering for a while, and since ive just been writing my sigils on sticky notes I was wondering if this affects the quality/effect of the ritual and evocation. Ive recently been looking into runes and such, ive read that runes on paper are much less effective than ones carved or crafted. Does this principal affect sigils in the same way?, i would imagine so though i have had success with every sigil i have drawn on paper. I would prefer to craft them but due to my situation i cannot at the moment. What are your opionions/experiences? much appreciated my BALG community

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The first thing that comes to mind for paper versus wood or stone is the latter takes more effort to carve a symbol into so natually your putting more time,effort, and energy into it.

In my own experiences the sigils I’ve taken the time to carve into wood seem to have a more intense energy to them than the ones I’ve drawn in paper. :thinking: the only exception to this off the top of my head that i can think of are the ones ive opened that are in my copy of Black magick of Ahriman. This is a whole other can of worms :alien:


I might just add, “… there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”
Intention is everything, so if you believe the paper sigils are less effective, then they probably will be.

I think, they’re just less permanent, and can be burned to release the energy and complete the working, where if you carved a stone with the sigil, you might be expecting to keep that link open as long as the stone was in your possession. After that I’d agree the amount of energy in terms of intention and will you put into it’s making might be more the difference than the medium.

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I have used sticky notes - if it’s what you have, it’s what you have.

If you are planning to do something a bit more elaborate you can get printed stickies and shaped ones, but essentially they are tools and it is your energy and intent.


I think because carved sigil is in 3D it is more potent. In vajrayana buddhism visualization of mandalas in 3D is considered higher,more advanced practice than visualization in 2D.


I think it’s all in you. For example a ritual in Book of Azazel, EA has clay sigils of angels that get smashed as part of the rite.
Now he could have just made them on paper and burned them but using his imagination he came up with a way that gave the act stronger meaning for him.
Imagination is key.