Sigils of will for love?

Hi all,

Do you think it’s possible to use sigils of will to make someone love/lust you?

I mean can my statement on intent be something like " it is my will to make John Smith love me"?


absolutely. just do a search on here and you’ll see many have done this. just pick a sigil, get into trance, state your desire, then take the ritual out of mind


Do you suggest burning the sigil after charging it?? I was thinking since it’s for love/lust I’d use masturbation as a charging medium


Since love is a Venus energy I would suggest casting it into moving water, but burning should work as well. One thing about chaos sigils: sometimes they are not enough to override the will of another person. It is not the same as a spirit sigil in that regard, in my experience. On the other hand, they can be great for setting the stage for you to make it happen. Think of it as an “assist”, like in sports.


Thanks for your input… so you u think a combination of that and a candle spell or an entity sigil spell (or both) would be more effective??


Oh definitely. Coupling a charged sigil of intent with a spirit sigil to carry out that intent can be extremely powerful. It can produce results as powerful as a direct invocation/evocation.


Recently I’ve been reading a lot about about Erzulie Freda (not a love spell fan myself)
But thought I should share it with you even tho I haven’t yet had any experience with her but was extremely fasnatied by reading about her
Erzulie is one of the Voodoo Loa, or goddesses in the Voodoo religion. She stands for love, women, beauty and passion.Erzulie Freda is said to be a Goddess who indulges in the finer things in life and has much passion, sexual power and beauty. She has three husbands and so wears three wedding rings on her finger. She is likened to the Goddesses Aphrodite and Venus.
Erzulie is one of the most beloved Goddesses in the Voodoo faith. Call on her for matters concerning love, women’s issues, protection and warrior power,what I thought was interesting about her she doesn’t neccsarly force people against there will to fall in love , she shows them the beauty in you that makes the fall naturally
So the spell is
●light some candles (Her colors are pink, blue, red, black and purple) and some sweet incense as you slowly get into that trance state
●Writing both your names near her sigil
●Charging her sigil with thoughts of passion and love for that person that you want to cast it on
●chanting By the power of mistress Erzulie, mamou lade,
Erzulie Frieda Dantor, mamou vodoun,
Ago, Ago si, Ago la.making your request
●then burning her sigil in the candle
●and thank her for receiving you’re request
Her sigil

I think you should give it a go .:blush:


I don’t dispose of sigils. My sigilwork is slightly different because of my work with runic-style magick.

The idea is that by keeping it, the effect will be sustained over time, instead of a one-and-done type deal. With my method, the sigil keeps doing its work until you destroy it, which is very useful for spells that aren’t instant actions because the effect won’t weaken until you want it to stop.


Can you give us more details please?? What is different in your method than the standard chaos magick sigils?

Well, I don’t use the AO Spare method. I charge them using meditative states and energy manipulation instead of other methods.

I create sigils by meditating on the purpose of the sigil until the sigil appears in my mind’s eye. It’s more elegant than the Spare method, because instead of forcing the purpose onto a sigil, you are letting the sigil form naturally to properly fit the purpose. It’s like filling a vase with water instead of trying to shove a brick into it.


The Moon is closer. That’s what I use.


@anon63404644 Has a point. Erzulie brought me my current GF.

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Interesting to hear that you had success…

How did the spell work for you?

What spell?

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try this


thank you