Sigils in Games translated

For some reason I can’t find the search option so I created a new thread. (Someone pm me on that).

Anyway, I was watching a Doom64 project and they had sigils that translated into SUBSCRIBE.

I found that pretty interesting and wonder if I can find the rest of the alphabet and other games with sigils that translate into english. Anyone know of any?

It’s at top right.


If you’re in dark mode like I am, it’s dark grey on black, which makes it hard to see especially on phones.

I don’t think this has come up much. You can get sigil fonts you can download free, but there’s load, and without the original link, it’s hard to tell if this is a font, or a graphic they create. Your best bet is to message the content creator and ask them.

More sigil fonts… sigil like, they’re not sigils obviously it’s the Roman alphabet in code, this is creative fiction.

This site has commercial sigil like fonts just so you get the idea, there’s some cute ones here. I like the Magi one and the Marduck one. :slight_smile: The only one that’s really useful is the Morse code one probably.

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On a different note, look at the address for the game Mysterium. One pic i rotated and if look similar.