Sigils for qliphothic initiation

Should I use the sphere sigils from Thomas Kralsson’s book or from book of sitra ahra for my qlippothic self initiation? And should I bleed on them??

initiating into the qliphoth is your own experience and should bel lead by your own intuition.

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Up to you what to do!


IT is a very powerful Ritual and it will challenge some personal aspect after that but through that lesson it will reveal your witch element. Lots do the entire tree at a time so maybe it is better that way :slight_smile:

Rav. Have you gone trough all of the Qliphots? Im preparing to descend now. Trying to gather much information i can.

I find It necessary to start something so powerful in the period of 1 or 2 week holydays. Some critical aspect can be emphasized by the Qliphothic powers but the secret is not to run away and hide. So many people turn away from magic when after a ritual some strange things happen. The Qliphotic powers want to test the witch to see if He/She is worthy of the power bestowed by the Qliphot.