Sigils as tattoos

Is it a good idea to get sigils as tattoos to show certain spirits your love and trust to them?

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There are multiple threads about this topic. P{lease try doing a search.

If They give you Their permission to it, then yes, it can be useful and a kind gesture as well. But decide with caution. It makes a permanent link to you for Them in this physycal incarnation.

I’ve got Abaddon’s Sigil on my wrist, and I’m ready to get Lucifer’s, Belial’s, Chernobog’s slowly.

So yes, ask Them first, and if They let you, go for it.


And if I cant hear them yet? :smiley:

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Hm. My question is: why do you want a Sigil of one of Them if you did not contacted with Them yet?
I can understand you if you love Them, because most of Them are wonderful BUT …

First you have to built a good, trustful relationship between you. Spend a quality time with one of Them who feels really connected to you, and your interests are similar.

And the priority: do not want to built a relationship with someone just because you want His/Her sigil on your skin. :hugs:


I feel like I did build a relationship with one of them pretty good… Without hearing him, yes.
Only a few times I heard him… And every second was worth it!

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