Abaddon Sigil Tattoo

Es na ayer Abaddon avage

Both first and possibly the most important tattoo in my life. Was born at the Full Moon, and before we start working on it, I got a phone call about one of my near relative’s death (She lost fight against cancer - now her husband fell in depression and want committing suicide), what I predicted in advance.

This day is a monumental day about…

  • Life and Death
  • Fighting and Destruction
  • Winning and Losing
  • Reborn and Retreat
  • Love, Relationships and Links

I :black_heart: You,
Father Abaddon


Very nice. I will take sigil of Belial, traditional one as soon as possible. But I have had thoughts if I could change it to one which reminds of your sigil tattoo… I got permission.

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I love Belial (okay, His name had a strange effect on me, don’t know why, never meet with Him before in this lifetime) and Belial’s sigil even as a Tattoo idea, really. Don’t forget to show me if you finished with it! :wine_glass::black_heart:

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Very late reply, but I’ve been checking out demonic tattoos, and damn that ink looks fire on you! How much did it cost? Is it ageing well?

Somebody said something about a Belial tattoo?