Sigils around the Qliphothic Circle

Do the sigils around the Qliphothic Circle represent the Qliphas, or the Archdemons of the Qliphoth specifically? Also, is there a chart explaining the sigils?

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The seals represents their relams, the spheres (Qliphoth) where each arch demon/‘s rule. Each relam is explained in detail in the book Qliphothic Meditations. Also If you bring in the sigil of each ruler during evocation it will work really well to evoke them in it.

So yes you can either travel to, or invoke the energy of the realm. This is done by using the seal printed in the circle, or the seals from the book. And you can evoke the Qliohtihuc rulers themselves by attempting to attune to the energy of the realm and try finding them that way and Intuit a personal sigil. Unless, you get the book Qliphothic invocations and evocations where the sigils of the arch demons are recorded.


Another tip for you. I’ll give a hint and then you’ll have to figure out the rest.


The top symbol of the star with the inverted pentagram and the crescents, is the first realm of the Qliphoth; Namaah. Then the next seal moving left is Lillith. And then it continues, all the way around until you make it to the final realm which is Thaumiel.

Sorry for being cryptic. But if you want to find out the symbology and such, get the book. Or travel there to learn from the rulers.


What book can I find these

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About the book, it’s in the category of Asenath Mason so it’s probably one of her works.

Qliphothic Meditations by Asenath Mason at the become a living god website.