Sigil that Koetting uses

Can anyone tell me what the purpose of this sigil that Koetting is using ???
I’ve seen this sigil in some of your photos of your rituals …Screenshot_20190112-160812

Someone please correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe that is called the seed of darkness.


It’s a nine-pointed star. One relationship then will be to the nine gatekeepers. It’s probably got multiple symbolic resonances though.


This is the nine pointed star; “The Seed of Darkness/ Star of goliath”, the 9 pointed star with the inverted pentagram is mentioned in Compendium of Lucifer-Amaymon and given by Belial to EA. You may find more in the post below about that.

Moreover nine pointed star has its wide use in Bahai faith too. There it represent based on gematria, the perfection and the Bahai religion itself .

Nine pointed star can also be seen in old magickal texts.

Basically the nine-pointed star is formed by three triangles, and it’s called Enneagram. Here we see a variation of it again basically. Nine pointed star basically represent the quest for mental equilibrium but without any help, the ultimate mental equilibrium that you create within yourself .

Some info within the forum about seed of darkness:

The nine star ( a variation of it ) in an old magickal text :


What is the source of this last image ??


Thank you all for the answers!

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The God-Star :slight_smile: the 9 pointed star with a core pentagram, seed of darkness mentioned, there is a jpg of it I can add if you wish, it is also on the balg website, on the ‘gatekeepers’ link I believe.



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