Sigil tattoo

Good day guys. May i ask, is it okay if you put any entity sigil on your body? For example if you put lucifer sigil on your body? What will happen? Will you be more connected with him or become powerful etc? Thanks for those who will comment thanks


Please use the search function. This is a very common question, and there are already many threads that answer it.

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I suppose the effects might be different , some Christians tattoo a cross on their body because it makes them feel closer to God, some wear jewelry , do what you think is best

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I have the symbol of my Patron tattooed on my breastbone. And I also wear a pendant with his sign on every day. I do this because it helps me personally feel more connected and protected. But it’s all down to the individual and a lot of it may be psychological.

If you feel comfortable and like it would protect you spiritually to have a sigil tattooed on you then by all means go ahead. It’s your body. Just be sure because, obviously, tattoos are pretty permanent.

Do it for a proper spiritual reason as opposed to the aesthetic, if that makes sense.

Edit: Also, what @anon84423462 says is really important.


I wouldnt do that before gaining a spirits trust and of course that spirit would gain my trust.


What if youre planning to put your godself sigil? Do you still need to gain trust?

Yes. Otherwise it is just inert ink and doesn’t really mean anything.

The point of a magical tattoo is to deepen a connection, not to start one. There are many people who get spirit seals tattooed for no other reason than that they look cool, and they reap no benefit from it.

To truly be magical, the tattoo needs to be dedicated to the spirit, and that can only be done through a trust already established. The pain and blood of the process can be an offering to the spirit, and that requires a trust as well.


Oh i see thanks for this information brother really helpful. So no need to gain trust of my godself. And besides hes my godself right? Like im part of his creation

You mean i still need to gain trust

Yes, you need to gain its trust. Just because it’s your godself doesn’t mean it is trustworthy, or that it thinks you are trustworthy. A personal godself is just like any other godform and still needs to be propitiated.

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Thanks brother…