Sigil scratched into my body



So I woke up with a scratch of this symbol on my shoulder with no possible mundane cause. and I need help deciphering it. any help or knowledge would be great.


Ansuz Laguz if this is what it is, the. maybe it means due to your current situations in life just take them as they come but there is something “big” coming your way.


but with kenaz over it?


it’s also reversed on my body…


This could be his sign of dominance as he is the deity who will encompass his will and accedance to your rituals.


Who and why?


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It all depends on your ritual or requests and who the deity that you worked with or summoned. The symbol could mean the Deitys accedence perhaps with the answer and the knowledge you have been seeking.


but I haven’t done any rituals of the sort


Many times when you perform a ritual or even a petition casting for one request or outcome though you have asked for one thing you will receive a different answer to guide you on a different path.

A deity has given you a physical sign that you should seek knowledge for long awaited answers. Although vague it has come through the veil as a strong symbol.


What I’m trying to figure out is who sent it, why, and what it means.
My rituals consist of protection spells and cleansing. The only entity I’ve communicated to is my higherself, and that was just a meditation.


Who the spirit is or why they mysteriously rendered a sign or symbol is unknown. Perhaps in the future it will identify itself. I think the real answer is that something be it a nature spirit or other deity has heard your castings for shielding and responded with a sign to gain knowledge.