Sigil on top of a picture

Im Kim(guy) :slight_smile:

My wife and i have to sigils
Her’s is: im lojal to Kim.
Mine is : im lojal to Nina.

(We both flirt a lot,and we now it,so we made this to be safe / i think :slight_smile:

I had a friend that placed this two sigils inside us.
How can anyone do this?
We want to do this on us again,but i dont know how to do it…
Do demons place the symbol inside or spirits?..
Is it a good web page on this?
Is it a name for such a thing?

One more question.
Can we place a picture on the table and just put the symbol on top of it?
Does this have an effect?
Is the effect strong?
Do we have to do something with the picture?

My friend said we should have a candle near the symbol to have the symbol strong so we do this.
But we have never put the sigil on top of the picture .

I cant reach my friend anymore for this questions ,thats why i try my luck here :smile:

Best regards Kim.

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Thank you :slight_smile:
Done :slight_smile:

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Does someone now?
It will make us realy happy :joy: