Sigil of the 4 “prostitutes”

Hi, does anyone have the sigil of Eisheth Zenunim and agrat bat Malhat?

I tried searching high and low but I can’t find it!
Please note that I use the word prostitute very very lightly. I don’t mean to call them that but that’s how they’ve been called for the longest time.

And I saw this initiation on this forum

What do you guys think of this?


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I would like to draw the sigils as I’ve always been drawing. Like Goetia kind… do you have that?

You could use this sigil that VK obtained for Eisheth: Eisheth Zennunim – V.K. Jehannum

For Agrat, I personally would just use the one from the Temple of the Ascending Flame until you can receive a sigil from her yourself to work with her.


I want to try invoking samael and the 4 angels of “prostitution”. Is it a bad idea?

I don’t exactly have a reason to why I want to invoke them but I think I should, idk why.

What do you think?

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Not at all. If you feel the call to go through with it, more than likely it’s them calling to you.

I would start with Lilith first if you haven’t worked with her as of yet, and then Samael, and continue on down until you’re familiar with all 5 beings. Then go through with the full invocation

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I work with Lilith most. But as for the rest then no I haven’t. Would you recommend an individual invocation each or all at once?

Work with each for as long as you feel is necessary and then eventually move to an invocation of all four consorts and Samael altogether.

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Hey where do you open their gates?

Lilith - North
Agrath - West
Eisheth Zenunim - South
Naamah - East